And the Big Spending Begins!

Just moments after learning that Mitt Romney is officially out, Democrats are wasting no time at stupidly spending our money.

Social Security recipients and certain “jobless” Americans feel it is “unfair” that they will not be receiving the tax rebate checks endorsed by President Bush this year.  So, of course Democrats and “some Republicans “are including them.  After all, it’s free money, right?

It’s not like I’m a licensed accountant or anything – oh wait – YES I AM!  Let me explain what a tax rebate is.  A tax rebate occurs when we wind up paying the United States Treasury (as all of us that work do) tax in any given tax year.

SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENTS and JOBLESS ONES do not have tax liability!  How in the hell can they expect a TAX REBATE when they don’t pay any tax in the first place!!??

I propose an all-out Republican vote-out this year.  Just don’t go to the polls at all.  That way, we won’t have the embarrassment of further decisions made like this under John McCain and we won’t have to be insane enough to vote for Hillary Clinton.