Cookin’ Up Some Grub With Barack

As stupid as this is, it really is so obvious.

“Obama would get more barbeque invitations than McCain”

Okay – at the risk of sounding racist, it really is obvious that black folks can whoop the white folks asses when it comes to barbeque, dancing, singing, and basketball.  I won’t even go there!

But just as General Wesley Clark pointed out that being a POW doesn’t necessarily make someone qualified to be commander-in-chief, I contend that being Chef Boyardee doesn’t necessarily qualify someone either.

I would also like to point out that Republicans have done very well not responding (by in large) to Wesley Clark’s comments about McCain.  In essence, Clark’s comments were accurate, it’s just interesting that he was willing to bring it up in the case of John McCain in 2008, and not in the case of John Kerry in 2004.