Coulter-Stalking Liberal Screams “Help Me!” During Arrest


If you ever wanted an example as to why women who marry conservative men have better and more orgasms, this video is all you’ll ever need to see.

Reports from various sources reveal that Mike Tracey; student at The College of New Jersey AND vice-President of the College Democrats stormed the stage that Ann Coulter was standing on during a speech more than a couple of times and was repeatedly warned by campus security.

Of course, he had to test the waters a final time and was removed from the speech and arrested.  The video; only 38 seconds long, shows no police brutality whatsoever and also explains the liberal way of turning virtually ANYTHING into “torture.”

Reports also indicate that the parents of this ninny are pissed and are fighting to get the charges removed. 

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you one of the future William Ayers of the world.