Debate Fraud

I’ll be the first to admit, I missed last night’s YouTube-format GOP Presidential debate on CNN.  In retrospect, it was probably a good thing.  Reading the recaps of the debate, it would have been as much a waste of my time as it was a waste of time for the GOP candidates themselves.  I received one of the action alert emails from Editor, Erick Erickson, that was sent out to all subscribers.

Dear RedState Reader:

RedState is calling for CNN to fire Sam Feist, their political director; and David Bohrman, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of the debate.

During last night’s debate, which CNN billed as “a Republican debate, and the goal was to let Republican voters see their candidates,” CNN either knowingly or incompetently allowed hardcore left wing activists to plant questions and Anderson Cooper willingly gave one of those activists a soapbox so he could harass the Republican candidates about military policy.

Simple googling would have revealed these left wing activists.  

Had CNN done its homework, this would not have happened.  They either willfully let it happen, or incompetently bungled it.  Either way, heads should roll.

Likewise, we hope one or more of the GOP Presidential candidates will call for a do-over debate on substantive policy issues.

You can read our Directors post here. 

You might want to take a moment to read the RedState directors’ call to action concerning the debate.  CNN showed their bias by allowing Dem plants to pose questions to the candidates.  RedState allows for the possibility that this may have merely been incompetency, but knowing CNN and their agenda, I find that highly doubtful.

I find it ironic that the Dems submarined a planned debate co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus on Fox News because they were either scared of potential hardball questions or because of their hatred of Fox News.  Yet the GOP willingly participated in the CNN debates despite CNN’s track record as a mouthpiece for Democrats and liberal activists.

I don’t watch CNN on TV or read any of their “expert analysis” online.  I mainly check out their website for news stories.  I will likely continue to do so, but I also don’t think it would be a bad idea to hold someone accountable for allowing Dem activists a platform at a debate that was supposed to serve as an educational forum for GOP voters in the primaries.  Just like CBS and Rathergate, CNN has now painted a clearer picture when it comes to their political and social agenda.  I’m just sorry that more Americans can’t see through this crap.