Fred’s Finally In

After testing the waters for months, Former Tennessee Senator, Fred Thompson, finally dove into the 2008 race for the GOP Presidential Nomination.  It’s perhaps the worst-kept secret of this poltical season, but he finally made the announcement on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – to be aired after I go to bed.

GOP opponents and some pundits believe that making the announcement in such a pop culture setting is demeaning – especially in light of tonight’s GOP debate (which many think he should have joined).  I’ll admit that I would have preferred to see him make the announcement on the steps of some building in his hometown of Lawrenceberg, TN, but I’m just glad he’s finally making it.  I’m also not sure that he would be wise to join the debate on the day of his announcement.  But that would bring up the question of his timing.  Oh well. Now, at least,  we can finally have a discussion about the GOP candidates with all parties involved.

FYI – a whole series of articles preceded his announcement in the press today.  Check them out (not all maybe flattering). The line-up is complete, and the race is on.

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NOTE:  I am not endorsing anyone yet.  Really.