Huckabee “Enslaved” in a Failing Campaign

Just months after Bush told the American people that he believed America was too dependant on oil from the Middle East, Mike Huckabee has decided to re-phrase it to say we are “enslaved” to Saudi Arabia.

Huckabee; who is barely pro-American when it comes to illegals here in the states wants to break all ties with Saudi Arabia because of a recent court case where a Saudi woman/rape victim was ordered a lashing because she herself violated strict Islamic law by socializing with a group of men that were not her relatives.

She was raped by seven men, all men were sentenced to years in prison, but in Saudi Arabia apparently they stick to the laws that everyone is aware of that resides in the country, even if they are broken by someone who was victimized by others who were punished as well.

We can philosophically argue if it is right or wrong.  Of course in the United States, women are free.  Saudi Arabia and other countries don’t operate that way.  I can accept that because finally all the Democratic and flawed-Republican flapping about America’s unwelcomed intervention rings true in this case.  Who are we to tell Saudi Arabia how to run their country?  Are they threatening American women as well?

As it stands, Saudi Arabia maintains a peaceful relationship with the United States.  In the case of Iraq and Iran, we take stands for two reasons:

1.) To establish a civilized foothold to counter the incivilized foothold owned by Islamic fanatics in the Middle East which was handed to them by Jimmy Carter.

2.) To protect ourselves and our allies from bomb-making extremists.

That’s it!

Now, Huckabee comes and proclaims he would have us totally independent from Saudi’s oil in 10 years? 

As if his opinion is any different from any mentioned already on this matter.  Yes, we rely on the Middle East for oil, so what?  We need oil, he needs oil, Al Gore needs oil, Hollywood celebrities need oil!  Who doesn’t?  Will Mike Huckabee stop fueling the jet that moves him from city-to-city during his campaign?

I’d be more interested in how Huckabee plans to reverse his insane views on immigration and domestic policies to make sure things like this don’t happen to American women.  Suddenly, because a Supreme Court in Saudi Arabia orders a lashing for someone who knowingly broke laws on the books of her country, Huckabee wants to denounce an ally and regurgitate an overall concept already acknowleged by Republicans and portray it as if it’s a product of originality.