Joe the Plumber: Real Americans Who Get it Right


Joe the Plumber is precisely why Sarah Palin should have gone into the debates in lieu of John McCain against Obama.

Joe; like Sarah, understands the problems of socialism in this wonderful country. 

Sarah and Todd Palin’s tax return from 2007 revealed them making $170K.  Joe the Plumber as well makes less than $250K.  But where does it really end?

If someone works harder than another and makes more money because of that hard work, then why are they required to pay a higher percentage rate?

Let’s do the math:

At the current tax rates, the following income brackets pay the following tax:

$15,000 = $2,250

$250,000 = $90,000

If the government cannot make do with that, we don’t need tax hikes!  We need reformers.

Joe the Plumber and last night’s debate only reaffirms the positions of millions of real Americans.

He and people like Sarah are very appealing to Americans because we concur with them.  This election is not about Washington elites, not big-government taxers and spenders, or Harvard educations.  It’s about real Americans coming together to inspire and support one another.

You don’t hand out healthcare to people, you don’t hand out welfare checks from the pockets of hard-working Americans.  You use tax money to give people a fishing pole, to give them a chance.  Obama wants to hand out whales unconditionally.

For all the flack about Wall Street, I bet I can ask every member of Main Street that shows up on this blog about other Main Streeters who make bad financial decisions.  That’s why Wall Street executives get their big salaries – by preying on those weaknesses.

The more government hands out to the irresponsible, the more irresponsible they become and sooner or later (as Joe says so eloquently says here) $150K will be the next “high scale” since the socialist plan Obama has will eliminate any person in this country to work their way to the top.

It stops now, folks!