Palin Wins!

Americans aren’t stupid! 
Philip in his post acknowleged much of Biden’s stupidity.  Both pundits on ABC and Fox both conclude about eight large factual inaccuracies on his part regarding McCain’s voting record as well as Obama’s.

However; to be fair, we know both sides can mis-characterize history to get jabs in.

But the ideology and intrinsic “I’m with you” appeal is with Palin as it was with Ronald Reagan. Talk about fresh blood, youth, and a breath of fresh air. I believe she should be on top of the ticket.

People who work a 40-hour or more week and most like myself who combats full-time school in pursuit of our Masters Degrees don’t want BIG GOVERNMENT like Obama/Biden taking control of hundreds of billions of additional dollars in the economy now and having the audacity to tell us “we will divide it up this way.”

The Democrats don’t trust us with our own money is what it boils down to.

Big Government Democrats want to get into office and search their big-government hearts to ESTABLISH MATTERS THAT BELONG IN THE PREROGATIVE OF AMERICANS!

If we want a bigger piece of that pie, we’ll use our efforts to work harder.

That’s the America I love. If you are anything but, you need to move to communist China.