Presidential “Race” Cards: Rush is onto something

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What’s better than a 50% African-American running on behalf of socialist liberals who don’t like to work? How about a 100% African-American like Condoleezza Rice who; while Barack was “experiencing racism” from his grandmother who happened to be the sole bread winner (whom he’s flying to visit in Hawaii), actually witnessed good friends killed in Birmingham during the riots.

But somehow, Condi turned out to be an Uncle Tom who managed to escape writing books on racism to advance herself politically. Nah, Condi did it the “Uncle Tom” way by graduating college at age 19 and earning her doctorate at age 24 and becoming the youngest African-American AND woman to control the educational department and budget at Stanford and served as a distinguished political science

 My sweet moonbat-buddy Robert continues to leave comments on my page, so I have decided to answer the last one directly.

Yes, this campaign is about “race.” White liberals who are under-achievers and spend their time blaming the rest of society for their troubles, lack of personal responsibility, liberal spending in their own lives, and academic failures, are campaigning on this more than blacks are in the public eye.

The fact is the Democratic Party has had many chances to appoint African-Americans to high positions, but coming out of their Klan clubs, it took the darlings a while to warm up. Then when they finally did warm up, they decided that blacks had to pass litmus tests before they would help them out.

Conventionally, for liberals, the more death statistics fly up among black males in the inner cities, the better their pro-socialist arguments can go. The more black mothers are on welfare, the more they can argue pro-taking away from hard-working Americans to “spread the wealth around.

They love it. And of course, with no work ethics whatsoever, can we really blame them?

People like Robert and the blacks in the inner cities killing one another in gangs oppose removal of gun bans so that decent Americans are prohibited from defending themselves. People like Robert are willing to sell their countries and its ideals out for a one-time handout that basically keeps him and his peeps poor and out in the cold (but for that one-time annual welfare check he is to receive) while opportunists like Barack Obama stay powerful and wealthy, not to mention the Clintons, Howard Dean, and Barney Frank.

People like Robert mean one thing to Barack Obama. A vote.

When Rush Limbaugh factually points out that this is about race among African-Americans, liberals suddenly trade in their Klan hoods for equality swords.

Any real American (white or black) knows that the only reason Barack Obama was nominated as President is because liberals like Robert love the fact that he promotes more socialism than Hillary did, promotes sex-ed to kindergarteners, promotes infanticide, and whose middle name is “Hussein.

The last time liberals selected a black man for a position of high power was Thurgood Marshall, who held radical liberal views much like Obama where he joined the Warren court and assisted in laws that eventually released hardened criminals back to society, legislated Roe V Wade which eventually led to partial-birth abortion and finally, Barack’s support of infanticide.

Barack Obama voted against a Bill in Illinois that would protect the life of a baby born that had survived an abortion.

These two men were not appointed by liberals because they are “black,” they are appointed because they were/are insane!

(Robert originally endorsed Dennis Kucinich whom makes Barack look like a moderate).

A poll released last week by the Military Times reveals that of almost 5,000 active and enlisted military members, almost 70% support John McCain for president.

White non-Hispanics support McCain by 76% to Obama 17%.

Hispanic or Latino support McCain by 63% to Obama 27%.

Blacks support OBAMA 79% to McCain 12%.

Not about race, huh?

http://www. militarytimes. com/static/projects/pages/081003_ep_2pp. pdf

Let’s also observe the fact that the serving military right now supports John McCain and his policies. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t support him.

Two years ago, liberals were telling us that the military hated Bush and they’d be all for allowing only the military to vote in 2008.
Wonder if they’d say that now?

Apparently, Obama will really have it in for them now.

Hey, another reason for liberals to love him!

What Robert doesn’t understand though is that hard-workers like myself and others that I “pal around with” will survive even the most crazy liberal economic policy because we have what it takes. Who is really going to suffer though are the ones like Robert who are relying on Barack’s economic promises the most.

Apparently Robert needs his empty promises.

I do not.