Proof of Palin’s Hope and Energy as our Next Reagan

CORRECTION Palin What's Next?

After a few days of liberals and John McCain urging all of us that it is now time to work together – as if we are all supposed to believe that after the way they treated our President for eight years, the media and many others seem to have a very different tenor towards Sarah Palin.

I’m begging you all, do not be fooled!  Rush urged the same of his listeners today.

This is the same media that gave us John McCain as a presidential nominee.

The day started of course with the anonymous McCain staffers portraying Palin as an uneducated and impossible-to-work-with superbitch.  The story started on Fox News last night and has ran through today. 


First, why would McCain staffers decide to say such things and leave the man they campaigned for to explain this?  I can see Keith Olbermann now: How could McCain continue to force this dangerous airhead on to America in good conscience?  She doesn’t even know that Africa is a continent!  John McCain and his two staffers for one day have reportedly earned the top three spots on Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” segment (assuming that Ann Coulter didn’t make him cry for saying “good evening” to a homeless man). 

In a sad effort to erase the fact that McCain himself was not a conservative and had no business on the top of the ticket to begin with – thus losing the election not only for himself, but for America as a whole, they decided to make up the most ridiculous stories about Sarah Palin so that they can relieve themselves of the responsibility of their own incapabilities. 

Aside for the fact that I owe McCain the respect as a P.O.W. and the “maverick” that the NY Times loved to call him, he is the most ignorant politician around who believes that “crossing the aisle” to work with left-wing nuts is in the best interest of the country.  In fact, if he and his entire camp of advisers were to convert to Democrats tomorrow, the overall level of effective political wisdom would go up for both parties.

If these things were even close to true, then these staffers and McCain himself have announced themselves the most dishonest and repugnant people available.  They’re either lying, or like with the entire election in general, were terrible at planning for the long-term. 

Their names should be exposed so we know to get rid of them along with John McCain who had no business running as the representative-in-chief for Americans who love conservatism as a whole.  Which way is he really dishonorable?  Is it because he kept someone on his ticket who didn’t know the difference between a continent and a country?  Or is it because he’s refusing to now step out and address these rumors?

Sarah Palin was the winner in this campaign the very first time we read the slanderous story in US News Weekly.  She won my heart the minute Obama sent hundreds of investigators to Alaska to try and discredit her massive tangible record of success.  She didn’t need the media on her side like Obama had.  She didn’t have billions of dollars in campaign funding like Obama had.  She didn’t have the most liberal voting record when it came to illegal aliens, voting against Bush’s tax cuts, and crafting a campaign finance bill with Feingold like McCain had.

Sarah Palin received a bashing from the media.  That was a great thing!  It means she appeals to more Americans and the left needed their help to tear her down.  It’s our responsibilities as real conservatives to properly detect the game-playing involved.  If this were 1984, we would be ganging up on Reagan if we were indeed counting everytime the liberal media portrayed him as either plain-stupid or senile.

McCain caused the loss.  If it weren’t for Sarah Palin, McCain would have lost by 20+ million or more in lieu of the mere seven million.  Want proof?  Examine every other “maverick” or “moderate” like Goldwater or Dole and review those losses.  Then observe Ultra-Conservative (or what liberals today call “neocon”) Ronald Reagan’s results of two landslides that put Barack Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s victories to shame.  Then come back to me and tell me that Sarah Palin is not ready to lead us in 2012 as Reagan was in 1980.