Sarah Palin: Bringing Out More Liberal Hypocrisy (Update!)

Palin hasn’t even been the VP selection for a week yet and already she is bringing out the worst in liberal hypocrisy.

First, in less than a week, US Weekly gives us more of that big-corporate-loving and Republican controlled media we laughably hear about from the Democrats.  I am only surprised they showed such a nice picture of her holding her baby. 

What’s really laughable though is what they are claiming are “scandals.”  Why is having a 17-year old daughter that is pregnant considered a scandal?  Since when do liberals care about sexual responsibility among teens?  Of course it’s a less-than-fortunate instance.  Palin’s daughter and boyfriend; however, are doing a very un-liberal thing.  They are having the baby, getting married, and putting the baby first before their “dreams,” living out their individuality by having various experimental sex partners, having drinking binges, and living empty lives until they’re about 30 where even then, marriage and family would still be discouraged.

In fact, if Palin was a liberal and pro-choice, we’d hear oodles of love and support if the daughter had an abortion.  Palin would be a hero, the boy would move on with no sense of responsibility, and lord knows what would happen to the poor girl.

Their second bullet point shocks us all by talking about an incident of her brother-in-law being fired.  What they don’t put on the cover is that Palin immediately encouraged all to examine whatever records they wanted and ask all the questions they wanted to whomever, whenever they wanted.

The third bullet point takes the cake: “Mom of five.”

Boy liberals really do hate life.  Unless of course it’s the life of a polar bear, a terrorist held at Guantanamo, or a serial killer on death row.

To really think there are a group of people in the world who thinks the world would be a better place if Palin chose to abort her special-needs child, launch a campaign to save polar bears, and lose sleep at night over hardened criminals on death row.

Then of course, there is Tom Daschle.  Who in 2000 had this conversation about John Edwards when asked by Tim Russert what he thought of the fact that Edwards had nothing but 17 months of experience in the Senate:

MR. RUSSERT: But, Senator, Ronald Reagan was governor for eight years, Bill Clinton governor for eight years, George W.
Bush governor for five years. Mr. Edwards was a trial lawyer, a personal injury lawyer before 17 months in the Senate. Is that
adequate preparation?

SEN. DASCHLE: Well, Tim, I think it’s the life experiences you bring to the job. I don’t know of anybody that has a broader
array of life experiences than John Edwards. He has been a success story. He has gone through his own personal trials. He has come
to the Senate and, right from the start, taken on leadership roles. He has demonstrated his capacity for leadership in ways that I haven’t
seen before. It’s really remarkable what he’s been able to do in a very short period of time. He’s demonstrated to me his capacity to
take on responsibility. He’ll do that again should he be the nominee. I have no doubt about that.

Just a couple days ago; however, Daschle told Wolf Blitzer that McCain’s selection of Palin was “inexplicable.”

It’s not even been a week, folks.  The media and the Democrats are going bonkers and are lowering themselves to the bottom of the trash can now for ideas. 

Way to go, Sarah!  Bush had to piss liberals off for a good six weeks before getting attention this good!


Please visit Michelle Malkin’s Website to read an update on this story.  Michelle retrieved a separate US Weekly magazine photo on Obama an places it side-by-side with the cover of Palin.  The magazine seems to give a much more friendly review of Mr. & Mrs. Obama.  Also, Malkin reports that the magazine has lost anywhere from the range of 5,000 to 10,000 subscribers, though the magazine denies it.  Perhaps Oprah may be interested in investing because it seems like the magazine may be needing it very soon!  Great to see these disgusting displays of “journalism” forced to start feeling the brunt of their idiocy first hand!