Success Propelling Withdrawal

The AP reports this morning that Iraq and the United States are getting closer to an agreement to start setting a timetable and finally start bringing our guys home. 

This is after years of awesome work on behalf of our military and commander-in-chief. 

I remember the beginning and capturing a monster like Saddam Hussein alone seemed impossible yet we pulled it off.  Iraq has began re-building, writing its Constitution, has established a government, has held various elections where the people continue to show up in higher numbers everytime to take part in history – moving this once very-troubled and diseased country to a functioning democracy and a strong foothold for the United States so we may continue to monitor the terrorist evil happening around that region.

To all the naysayers, we couldn’t have done it without you.  As crazy as they drove us, we have to thank the naysayers because they exuded what happens in a great Democracy.  Iraq got to see first hand how people can co-exist in a functioning Democracy and completely disagree on one issue.  And contrary to liberal opinion, liberals got to create phony conspiracies about 9/11 (as covered wonderfully by Mel the last few days), call their President a terrorist, call the entire administration liars, and refrained from being fed through a wood-chipper!  Can you imagine what this did for the Iraqi people?  And even though it would have been a real hoot to watch just once, even the liberals’ hysteria about being hauled off to Guantanamo for dissenting from the President’s policies never materialized as well either. 

The only sad thing is that with violence down, the accomplishments made by our troops, the successful road our military is leaving Iraq in, this celebratory tone I fear will not make it to the hearts of our brave men and women who deserve it the most.  Now, we have a presidential election and suddenly the mainstream media doesn’t seem to care about Iraq anymore now that we have won.