9/11 Conspiracy Nuts vs the Nuts at NARAL

A great liberal-loony-9/11 conspiracy theorist left the following comment regarding the conspiracy leftists’ campaign to elect Ron Paul:

“I hear he based the votes for his entire career on the “Constitution.”” 

FINALLY – a liberal agrees that abortion is non-constitutional! 

Read the following:

“Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided … because abortion simply is not a constitutional issue. There is not a word in the text of that document, nor in any of its amendments, that conceivably addresses abortion. There is no serious argument based on the text of the Constitution itself that a federal ‘right to abortion’ exists.”

Ron Paul – 01/30/2006

So now we have two types of “one dimensional” liberals.  The ones who believe in voting only on abortion and the ones that are blaming 9/11 on the United States.  Apparently Ron Paul agrees that there are no rights to abortion in the Constitution.  Someone at NARAL needs to be alerted real soon that they are being sold out by liberals (and I thought I’d never say this) that are even MORE insane than they are.