Barack Obama: The Great Communicator?

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Calm down Ronald Reagan lovers.  It’s just a joke.

I’ve been watching the spar between Obama and Clinton in the last week as the only thing Barack seems to be going on is how he didn’t vote for going into Iraq (while simutaneously avoiding mentioning the fact that he wasn’t even there). 

Now suddenly, Barack wants to encourage diplomacy with leaders that clearly hate the United States and some of our most prominent allies like Israel. 

Speaking of communicating, let’s see how Reagan handled a couple of his moments of communication:

1.) Reagan communicated brilliantly with the Soviet Union while putting massive pressure on them economically and brought an end to the Cold War — something that liberals like to give Gorbachev credit for as admitting success on behalf of an American-Conservative President like Ronald Reagan is totally unacceptable.  (no wonder liberals love communism.)

2.) The great communicator, Ronald Reagan, did his best to establish diplomacy in Lebanon in 1982 by establishing a peace-keeping force between Muslims and Christians.  The Muslim side hated America from the get go and even though Democratic members of Congress were begging for more “diplomacy” from President Reagan, the loving Muslims still hated America and blew up our embassies in Beirut as well as our marine barracks within the span of about a year.  This was certainly one act of diplomacy that did not work even though Reagan gave it his best shot.

Moreover; President Bill Clinton in 1994 tried diplomacy with North Korea by sending Madeline Albright with a basketball signed by Michael Jordan and a sweet deal that gave the North Koreans billions of dollars, reactors, and the capability to build more nukes in exchange for a promise that North Korea wasn’t going to build any, Clinton even sweetened the deal further by agreeing to not let weapons inspectors in for five years afterwards.  That worked out great!

I am wondering why Americans are so surprised that a Democratic Presidential candidate is talking about diplomacy as a way of dealing with our enemies.  This is news?  The better questions should be: “What will Barack give to the North Koreans?”  “What will he give to Iran?” 

Finally, the Bush administration and Condoleezza Rice have not closed their doors to diplomacy.  They have countless sanctions, have applied political and economical pressure to our enemies and where has it gotten them?

This is what I think Fred Thompson or Giuliani need to run on — the Democrats’ harp about diplomacy and the factual cases of utter failure from the same party in the past.