“Fueling” the Economy

I find it fascinating that Democrats are still pretending to be appalled by high gas prices. 

Barack Obama said recently in an interview with CNBC: 

Well, I think that we have been slow to move in a better direction when it comes to energy usage.  And the president, frankly, hasn’t had an energy policy.

Don’t you just love when a Democrat uses the word “frankly” to make the point seem shocking?  I wonder if FDR used it.

Well excuse us, Barack.  On the “list of things to do” for President Bush the last eight years we had 9/11, a war against terrorism, hurricanes that Bush got blamed for, and we were a little busy keeping North Korea from shooting a missile towards Hawaii because of inept liberal policies that virtually gave them the money, the fuel, and the technology while stopping the U.N. from inspecting them for five years.

What President has placed an “energy policy” at the top of his priority list? Did FDR?  Did Carter?  How was Clinton’s?

Less than a decade ago, Universities began the hype on “Global Warming” by conducting “studies” showing that if we imposed an excise tax of 25 cents a gallon on gas, we could use the proceeds to fund studies on the effects of global warming.

The fact is, liberals aren’t enraged over gas prices in and of themselves.  They’re just enraged that it was free market that raised them, and not taxation.

It’s common sense, folks!  Americans are cutting back on other expenditures to accommodate the new fuel prices.  Now that demand for the other items have gone down, so are the prices!  As they will continue to do.  We demand gas, we must pay for gas.  We don’t demand I-Pods and digital cameras anymore, so we won’t be paying as much for them.

An article written yesterday by CNBC proves this point arguing “What Inflation?”

It’s the free market we love and the market should be the dictators of our national wealth.  We decide how much things cost by purchasing them at a stated price.  Gas is one of those things. 

The question is, who are we going to give it to?  American proprietors who crave success?  Or Democrats that want the success earned by one person to be split up twenty ways and re-distributed to people who aren’t willing to work for it?