Having Fun With “Racism”


Boy, I have to tell you.  This Pfleger fella really is cashing in on the new boom known as the racist-complex in the same way Eminem cashed in on ‘white boys growin’ up in da ghetto.’

In fact, Ann Coulter humorously pointed this out on H&C this week: “I love this guy, he’s like Eminem” and labeled him the “white Reverend Wright!” 

Assuming that Obama picks up the nomination, babboons like this really are going to make this country great again by showing Americans how hideous and opportunistic they are.

What a better gimmick than coming out as the religious Eminem?  And how many see a book being written and published within the next six months?

People like me though would love a serious discussion and not a “sermon.”

When will these folks at least acknowledge the fact that everyone has equal rights now?  We all determine our own destiny and life is cause and effect. 

I’m white.  I live a good life with good friends, a secure job, and a good education – as does Phil – my site partner.  But, I am really bored with these people suggesting that I have to give some of it up to some non-existant cause all in the name of preaching a sermon to get yourself famous. 

Will he give up the attention?  Will he give up money earned from future book sales?  I doubt it.

During tax season, I work a grueling 16 hours a day.  I work Sundays.  Often times at night, I came home to work on homework, not getting to bed until 3am, only to wake up and make it to work by 10am to start it all over again.

And I am sure Phil can attest to late night cram sessions in pursuing his various degrees.

These lazy ass opportunists really need to shut up.  The Jews aren’t crying and demanding reparations from the Christians and if we were to compare blacks to Jews in the form of torture, I’m sorry, but the Jews win hands down.

Africans founded slavery themselves.  They gave birth to children for the sole purpose of selling them for profit.  Who did they sell them to?  White Europeans! 

If Africans (and not all of them are this idiotic) want reparations from past generations, how about they start with their own that sold their own for profit? 

They were legit purchases.  It’s the way it was, and we owe them absolutely nothing!  Do we agree with it?  Of course not!  It was barbaric and stupid.  But it wasn’t at the fault of the white man.

And more politcally correct Americans need to stand up and voice this – especially in the months to come.

This man – Pfleger is purposely insulting the intelligence of hard-working African Americans.  Does he really believe that the people standing up and shouting behind him are not shouting for any other reason than his endorsement of Obama?

Condoleezza Rice should accept McCain’s invitation.  This would open the eyes up of all Americans and show the true difference between an opportunist and the product of true hard work, education, and determination.  You know, what equality offers us all.