Kos: Fox News vs. “Hundreds of Thousands of Voices”


In a usual display of liberal-whining and Fox News-bashing, Kos uttered the following line when his site’s insanity factor was questioned by Harold Ford: 

“It’s called Democracy, if you don’t like regular people…”

On Meet The Press, Kos showed his true-blue colors by complaining to Harold Ford about his appearances on Fox News.  He then labeled Ford’s recent comments on Harry Reid as an “attack.”

Ford then directed some of the attention to the insane things put out on Kos’s website and Kos then decided to start throwing in the old Democracy (the kind that they love when they denounce their country and root for U.S. troop failure in Iraq, but the kind they hate on Fox News) canard.

Since Kos has so much respect for the voices of “hundreds of thousands,” then how about the “millions” that did the following:

— “millions” watch Fox News and continue to keep Hannity & Colmes and O’Reilly Factor number one among top-rated cable TV shows. 

— “millions” voted in the last two national elections for George W. Bush.

— “millions” of Iraqis showed up in three elections to show their true desire for the same “Democracy” that Kos allegedly celebrates.

— “millions” of Americans want Roe v Wade overturned.

— “millions” of Americans buy books by Ann Coulter.

“millions” of Americans buy books by Michelle Malkin and read her blog weekly.

I think you get the point and I could go on and on.  If Democracy is such an important issue to Democrats (as it is not) then Kos wouldn’t have to keep complaining about Fox News and liberals would have a new-found respect for Rush Limbaugh!

“Democracy” for the Kos apparently means a club of hand-picked, finely-selected collections of nuts that want to hold hands and sing “Give Peace a Chance” with Muslim fanatics while they have bombs strapped to their chests. 

Apparently, Meet The Press is no longer the serious forum for discussion anymore, and perhaps this explains why the real Democracy of America continues to float toward Malkin, Coulter, Fox News, and conservative talk-radio.

Does he really think Hillary is going to show up to his “convention” again after she wins the Democratic nomination?  Won’t she be too busy appealing to the moderate Christians, then?

Good luck with next year’s convention, Kos.