My Support of Duncan Hunter: It’s Official Folks!!


Dear Friend,

My support for Duncan Hunter has inspired me to become an eLeader for Duncan Hunter’s presidential campaign.
Duncan Hunter is a true conservative and will offer real action on border security, stand-up to China on trade, protect the unborn, defend the second amendment, cut taxes, and provide the military and foreign policy experience necessary to win the war on terror.
As an eLeader, I’m hoping to raise $1500.
If you support Duncan Hunter, please help me reach my goal.Please join me in investing in Duncan Hunter’s campaign.

Steve Flesher
On behalf of Duncan Hunter eLeader Team.

List of Hunter’s accomplishments:

1.)  In his district (San Diego), Hunter consistently picks up 60% of the Hispanic vote and over 70% of the Democratic vote.

2.) Hunter served his country in the U.S. Army and fought in Vietnam.

3.) Hunter’s son is now enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and is also currently in Iraq.

4.) His voting record thus far has aligned itself perfectly with the true ideals of the Republican Party.

Please folks, I beg you to research more on this great candidate and find out for yourself why this fella is exactly what America needs.  After winning the straw poll in Texas earlier this week topping Fred Thompson and Ron Paul, I think he has a pretty good shot.

My site partner I know is supporting Fred (as well as many of our wonderful readers and commenters) — and though we may be supporting different candidates right now, I’m sure we’ll exude the proper way for folks to disagree with dignity ;-).