Ron Paul Clutches Reagan’s Coattails


Ron Paul supporters are living in an absolute fantasy world.  On top of their insane proposal that we rip our troops out of Iraq and leave it to Al-Qaeda; and believing that just ignoring the terrorists will miraculously make it go away, they use Ronald Reagan’s good name to promote this fella who blames us for 9/11. 

The one quote out there that they keep using is the following:

“Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.” — Ronald Reagan

Let’s take a look at Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy and the ways in which he handled it.

In 1982, our Embassy in Beirut was bombed.  At the request of Lebanon, Reagan sent troops to create a peace-keeping force between Muslims and Christians.

Would Ron Paul or his supporters have approved of this judging by their standards put forth today?  Of course not. 

After the peace-keeping force was established, Muslims showed us just how peaceful they were and blew up the Marine barracks a year later killing hundreds of other American troops.  Reagan (after the Democrats in Congress harped and demanded so) withdrew our troops out of Lebanon.

Would Ron Paul or his supporters approve of this judging by the standards put forth by them today?  Of course they would!  We backed away and decided to not “intervene” anymore.

Three years later after we left, Muslims must have still been sore at Americans when they decided to hijack an Italian cruise-ship in 1985 where they decided to shoot a 69 year old passenger (American) and throw him overboard with his wheelchair.  It looks like choosing to “pull out and not intervene” didn’t work out so well.

Reagan responded by having the animals captured and handed them to Italy, who then made sure they returned safely to Iraq (the place where terrorists never lived but for the constant “intervening” of the United States).

After indirectly turning those terrorists over to safe harbor in Iraq (something that Reagan had no “direct” hand in), Muslim extremists struck again by bombing a West Berlin dance club in 1986 killing more Americans.

I wonder by looking at this crucial time period what Ron Paul and his supporters (better known as “dreamers” and “9/11 conspiracy crazies”) thinks the appropriate time table would be to sit and wait for Muslim fanatics to STOP attempting to hurt us and our interests.

I guarantee when Ronald Reagan said what he said about Ron Paul above, he had no idea that one day he would propagandize an insane position to rally support from 9/11 conspiracy theorists in order to get nominated for President.

It is clear that Muslims don’t want peace ever with the United States.  Paul and his supporters at this point are just as dangerous to our security as liberals are.