The End Times Draw Near

I continue to watch in awe and amazement at the cabinet that President Obama is assembling.  Yes, that’s right.  Say it with me – “President Obama.”  Hurts doesn’t it?  Can you believe that we have arrived at this sorry place in American history?  Look at the characters he has brought up (or is about to bring up) from the pits of Hell to serve him.

Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, Tom Daschle, Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, Janet Napolitano. 

I was going to go down the list and give a detailed rundown on each person.  But it’s pointless.  My head is spinning.  Does anyone understand the implications here?

 Bill Richardson gave us a nuclear North Korea.  Holder was the #2 in the Clinton Justice Department who urged the pardon of Marc Rich.  Tom Daschle is a leftist, Senate has-been who will push through universal health care (or some version thereof).  Emanuel is a fierce partisan who sends dead fish to people and stabs knives into furniture in order to make his point.  Napolitano is an utterly unqualified governor who will be entrusted with protecting us from another 9/11.

And Hillary?  Dear God.  I dismissed her chances, but now it seems to be happening.  What the hell are Obama and Hill thinking?  I will still say that I could think of worse possibilities for the State Department.  But I just can’t fathom this.  I hope this one comes back to bite him.

Folks, we made a mistake.  We didn’t rally behind Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter or another true conservative.  Then, when they were gone, we didn’t get behind Mitt Romney.  That left us with McCain.  We tried to get behind him, but it didn’t work.  And now we have President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Chief of Staff Emanuel, Secretary of Commerce Richardson, Attorney General Holder, Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano, Secretary Of Health and Human Sevices Daschle.

See where I am going?

I’m sick at my stomach and afraid of who Obama will appoint next.  You think it’s too soon to think about 2010 or 2012?  Think again.  We better start thinking now.  And we better think fast.  This shit is getting heavy, and we’re about to be steeped and entrenched in a dangerous scary place.  This cast of characters is frightening.  And it will only get worse.

Now Steve.  Now my head is exploding.