The Real “Bumper Sticker Slogan”


So, I was reading a couple of insane postings from a ranting liberal — more like a “stalker” of Kevin’s at QueerConservative — who was yapping on as most liberals do about their true anti-war position:

 “Where’s Osama?” they scream, they cry, they pretend as if they really care.  We’ll see just how many of them ask that question to Hillary Clinton next year after she wins the Democratic nomination.  After all, if her husband during his eight-year reign as President had done more to detain him when we all knew and suspected Osama to be a deranged lunatic (kind of like how we disarmed and deposed Saddam before he was out of control with power to kill us)  we wouldn’t be in this position.

Truth be told, “Where’s Osama” is the reproductive slogan that gave birth to other idiotic epithets like their constantly telling us that Iraq had nothing to do with the “war on terror.” 

Apparently, their slogans aren’t much effective anymore as Americans are finally starting to catch on to the fact that the Democratic party will never support anything having to do with the defense of this country and its citizens.

The evidence is overwhelming that the Democrats want us to flat-out lose and let terrorists hurt our country. 

If they want us to believe otherwise, they will have to stop their “bumper sticker slogan” of “Where’s Osama?” and actually support just ONE of the many measures mentioned above.