Another Sore Loser

As Steve pointed out earlier, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski is running an active write-in campaign to secure her seat after she lost the GOP primary to Joe Miller.  She is attempting to undermine the duly approved candidate of the Alaska GOP and threatening to turn this seat over to Democrats by dividing Republicans.

Today, the Senate GOP voted to allow Murkowski to retain her seat as ranking member of the Senate Energy Committe despite her decision to challenge Miller in the general election.  I guess I understand part of their reasoning in doing so.

Another senior GOP aide said he thought the members felt Murkowski could win and did not want to look as if they were “kicking her while she’s down,” adding, “And if she does win, by some chance, they don’t want tick her off and push her away from voting with the conference.”

Murkowski, who is in Alaska, said earlier Wednesday that she is a Republican and always has been and has every intention of caucusing with Republicans should she win.

She is an opposite example of the Joe Lieberman phenomenon in Connecticut,  She, like Charlie Crist in Florida, decided to deny the will of the voters.  And Murkowski, like Crist and deated Delaware Senator, Mike Castle, is a sore loser from the establishment.  Murkowski was appointed to the Senate by her father, Frank Murkowski, who was governor at the time and later defeated by Sarah Palin.  Frank was part of the GOP establishment, earmark-happy trio from Alaska that included Don Young and Ted Stevens.  Lisa was a moderate continuation of that establishment bloodline who was defeated by a Tea Party-backed conservative, Joe Miller.

The Lisa Murkowski threat is real.  She can’t win the general election as a write-in candidate, but she can punish Joe Miller and hand the seat to a Democrat due to her family name.  She has decided that she is the only one of the three candidates for Senate qualified to serve the people of Alaska.  That’s total narcissism and reflects the sense of entitlement that she feels as a member of Alaskan royalty.

Hannity and Rush spearheaded a drive, indirectly, that put $1 million+ into the coffers of Delaware GOP Senate candidate, Christine O’Donnell.  It’s time to do the same for Miller.  Murkowski has $1 million to spend in Alaska.  Miller has some funds from the Tea Party and (thank God) the RSC folks.  He needs help from us.  Miller is the conservative in the race and deserves our support.  The House will go GOP in the elections, but we also need the Senate to ensure that Obama’s socialist agenda is stopped.  The Alaska race is crucial.

Donate here.  Don’t let Lisa ruin the party.  She is not entitled to anything.  The establishment is endangered.  Let’s send the message.  Don’t just elect Republicans.  Elect Conservatives.