“Change” We Can Believe In! (Without the Help of the Media)


I have been noticing Obama’s approval ratings on Gallup the last couple of days….where some polls have him below 50% and others have him above, I consistently use the gallup polls to track how things are going.  The last few days, he’s been bouncing between 50% and 51%, which is important because for many weeks, he’d been bouncing between 51% and 54%.

Most notably was the poll on Congressional elections for 2010.  The Democrats just months ago enjoyed a six point lead over Republicans to the question “if the elections were held today?”

A new poll released today shows both parties virtually tied.

The Health Care issue – along with facts of the stimulus coming out – are going to be the biggest issues. 

In more news, we know that Sarah Palin’s book – just on pre-orders alone has hit the number one spot on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller lists (plus, it is reported she has received a whopping $7M advance from the publishers). 

It is rumored that Palin will be stomping for Republican candidates in 2010 and further rumored that proceeds received from her speeches will provide her with more power to do more. 

Think for a second how the MSM has portrayed Palin and how they continue to portray Obama.  While they do this, I hear people complaining about the man as I stand in line at the grocery store or at the gas station.

With the “death panels” which were removed from the legislation of these proposed bills – due to one little Twitter by Sarah Palin – and as liberals continue to bounce back and forth as they are slapped with the reality of what Americans really want, let’s pray that they take the messages of Americans seriously.

The media will never be more powerful than the great intrinsic wisdom of the American people.