HR-3962 Passes…..”historic change” we can believe in!

I was glued to my television all day yesterday from 2pm until the final vote last night which handed the liberals in the House of Representatives an official victory on HR3962.

Consider the results.  In a House of 435 Members controlled by 258 Democrats and 177 Republicans, the winning numbers were a not-so-impressive 220-215.  218 votes were needed for victory, so the liberals in Congress stole the night’s win with three deciding votes

Of those three deciding votes, we can credit one to Republican Joseph Cao, who today; as Ann Coulter jokes, “fantasizes about being re-elected.”

The Democrats last night hammered on about how “historic” this vote and bill was.  Every person who irresponsibly catered to the President’s plea yesterday – for the sake of serving him as opposed to their constituents – will be remembered from now until November of 2010.  What makes last night’s vote historic is in fact it’s opposition. 

As John Boehner pointed out repeatedly, the only bipartisanship displayed yesterday was the opposition to this bill, not its support.

After all that work to win a majority in 2006, Democrats could not get all of their own people behind them last night – in addition to the majority of their voters.

As this moves toward the Senate now, we must remember that 60 votes will be needed to actually put this travesty into law.  Looking at the worst case, we have 58 Democrats, 2 Independents in Democratic caucuses, and Olympia Snowe.  There is 61 votes.  However; we also have a tiny handful of common sense Senators who may be liberals on some social issues but oppose a public option.  Getting the votes required to put this into law are nearly impossible.

But most importantly, as we move ahead now, let’s remember the political suicide committed by one Republican and 219 Democrats.  Let’s remember how one party trusted by the American people turned on those same voters for the purposes of serving their President and his radical left-wing views. 

Never in history have Democrats made it easier for Republicans to take over a House than they did last night, and for that, I thank them from the bottom of my free-market heart for this truly historic move.