Issue In Alabama

Dick Morris lists Alabama US Rep. Bobby Bright as one of the”‘Dead Men Walking” (the  most vulnerable Democrats in the US House) in his book Take Back America.  Bright is a prime example of the deception created by Pelosi and her minions.  According to Morris, Bright supports the Dems 71% of the time.  Morris says,

Though he had a good record as mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, his major contribution to politics today is keeping the likes of Pelosi and Charlie Rangel in power – while doing his party leaders’ bidding more than two-thirds of the time.  He’s a liberal posing as a moderate to fool the voters into keeping him in office.

This is a district that voted 63% for McCain in 2008.  No need to keep Bright in power.    This from the Washington Post.

The reaction from the right is positive. “Bobby, I’m a Barry Goldwater right-wing conservative,” Kiwanis old-timer and retired Air Force officer Doug Speight said at the breakfast.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Bright said.

“Well, I also support Bobby Bright,” Speight replied.

“Good man,” Bright said.

Speight, who queried the lawmaker on Arizona’s immigration law, said he likes Bright because he is a “Republican masquerading as a Democrat.”

Or more like a Democrat posing as a Republican in order to save his hide.  All the time, he is keeping Nancy in power.

Bright said Arizona’s new immigration law “attacks our Constitution” because, he says, it could encourage racial profiling. Yet his solution is not to fight the law in court, but to devote billions more in federal money to secure the border. “Arizona is right there on the front line,” he said. “They are experiencing horrible crime every day. Not just periodically, but every day. The people elected their local leaders to do something.”

Talking out of both sides of his mouth.  Support Pelosi’s embrace of illegals, but talk up a good game for the red necks.  The dude has spent too much time in DC.

Similarly, Bright won’t push to repeal the health-care law because measures he likes, such as protections for people with preexisting conditions, would be lost.


It amazes me that Bobby Bright is even in consideration.  The Cook Political Report  calls this a race a toss-up leaning Dem.  His challenger, Martha Roby, should be able to make some dents with GOP national support.  Bright’s statements concerning immigration and health care give Roby some fodder.

Roby’s website is  Give if you can.  Bobby Bright is a pretender.  It’s frustrating that people like him who propose to support conservative values – elect Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker.  Bright is a phony.  He is a politician beholden to his party.  Imagine the smoke-filled backroom.  He is there.  Pelosi tells him – “It’s ok to vote against me sometimes as long as you keep me in power.”

Folks in Alabama 2 – don’t kid yourselves.  This is the worst kind of politician imaginable.  He is a whore – only concerned with his own well-being while playing lip-service to your conservative values.  Vote him the hell out of office.