It’s Been a Good Day, Tater

I’m living in Arizona and I’m probably tied for furthest West with Mark. It’s getting pretty late here – my clock says it’s 2315 – and as tired as I’ve gotten, I’m sure Philip, Steve and Christopher are already sawing logs.

Conservatives have picked up a lot of gains tonight. We have already broken everyone’s expectations in the House of Representatives and in the Governor’s races. I cannot say just how proud I am that we’re keeping up the good fight and refusing to let our beautiful country slip into oblivion. We cannot stop here, though. We cannot allow ourselves to believe for one second that our work is done. We have to keep fighting. We have to be certain that we never fall back into the lull that created the need for tonight’s intensity. Don’t give up. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that we as gay people (and our supporters) are wrong for believing in the conservative movement. Always hope for the rational discourse that liberalism never allows, and work toward that end.

On behalf of all of the writers at, I bid you a good night and a spectacular year!