Putting Wheels on Their Prayers

It’s time for conservatives and the best Republicans we can find (like Rob Simmons of Connecticut) to cut the whining about lack of money and continue doing what they can to get the word out. 

Rob Simmons; highlighted by Ann Coulter in her column last week where she pleads for Sarah Palin to endorse him, has suspended his campaign as he is being outspent dramatically by the other Republican candidate,wrestling-guru Linda McMahon.

As Ann alluded to, there are 18 currently held Democrat-Senate seats up for re-election this year.  Connecticut; which could turn out to be another Massachusetts (if we get the “wrestler” out of Simmons’ way to do it),  is poised for a strong Republican takeover if the right candidate is running against the lying-sack-of-crap-Blumenthal, who is vying to replace the lying-sack-of-crap Chris Dodd. 

Dodd leaves Connecticut feeling as the Kennedys left Massachusetts, which is to say massively betrayed by the broken promises made of large-government, seat-hogging politicians who serve for decades.  There is no better time than now to replace him — even if some conservatives think it’s beneath them to support someone perceived to be a “moderate”.  Nobody; however, was screaming “moderate” in the case of Scott Brown after he won.  Nor would they if any Republican took over a Senate seat in a liberal-elite state like Connecticut. 

This brings me to Carly Fiorina and Palin’s decision to endorse her over Chuck Devore.  Most forget that Sarah Palin ran three campaigns on her own.  They also forget that she won all of them.  In all cases, Palin had less money and resources in Alaska than the incumbents she was running against (except when she was the incumbent for her second run as Mayor).  She worked her rear off.  She prayed, put wheels on those prayers, and placed herself in the front seat to become both driver and navigator covering every inch of the largest state in the country.

It’s hard to believe that Devore in California, or Simmons in Connecticut, could not do the same thing.  Today, Rush Limbaugh’s fill-in (don’t know the guy’s name by heart, sorry!) remarked specifically with examples of how Devore ran a lousy campaign.  Simmons as well ran a mediocre campaign and certainly did not utilize the resources available to him free-of-charge.  These include Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Meetup, etc.  Networking sites today; as I wrote about last week, are just as powerful as campaign commercials and airtime. 

In fact, I myself spend much more time on my computer than I do staring at the TV.

Because of Ron Paul loyalists and 9/11 Truthers who’ve chosen to adopt the tolerance of Hugo Chavez, what became known as the “tea party movement” began to split off from Americans concerned about spending and liberties between others who want to kill the IRS while simultaneously smoking a joint legally.  You can usually detect the latter if they express rage towards Sarah Palin for “hijacking” the movement.

Foolishly, without figuring out which “tea-partiers” are behind them, some of these candidates seem to believe that merely proclaiming to be the most conservative candidate ever (no, I mean “really-really conservative”) is enough to pull them through.  But the fact is, Americans are just as leery about casting their votes for unknowns every bit as much as they are about casting votes for incumbents.  Unlike the elections of 2008, voters in 2010 are energized and informed.  If Devore doesn’t campaign with as much passion as Fiorina did, how can independents possibly take him seriously?

Sarah Palin knows how to win in California as a Republican that isn’t pro-choice.  You hold true to the vast positions of the party and you keep your name out there and campaign with a little conviction.  Carly Fiorina won that contest fair and square.

But even as Ann Coulter pleads (and I did as well on her Facebook page) with Sarah to endorse Simmons, Sarah couldn’t possibly do so when in fact it seems Coulter and people like myself care more about it than he does!!  Sarah Palin knows what it takes to win an election, it is your life and it is your sacrifice until the election night is over and the votes are counted. 

If we cannot take them seriously as campaigners, how can we possibly hold them accountable as public servants?