The Great American Double Standard, Redux

Just when I thought liberal Democrats couldn’t possibly be any more two-faced…

Linda McMahon, wife of WWE magnate Vince McMahon and a participant with both him and their daughter in the spectacle, is currently running as the GOP candidate in Connecticut. Today it has been reported that the state’s Democratic PAC has formed a new group: “Mothers Opposing McMahon.”

First of all, I’m not a wrestling fan. It’s fake. It’s a testosterone-soaked version of the longest soap opera ever and just seeing the commercials makes me gag on my own rising bile. Those who do watch it are not attractive to me in the least. The fact that it’s all a put-on aside, the “sport” (as Fox News described it…sarcasm?) is degrading to women and is marketed to children, finding the most popularity among young boys, girls who wish they were boys, and adult males who have little to no education and can’t tell that it’s fake. It’s one of the biggest embarrassments in American culture.

(To answer the question I know is on everyone’s mind, yes, I still support their right to do it.)

That said…McMahon’s spokesman Shawn McCoy fired back, but not in the way I would have expected: “I don’t think anybody considers it particularly newsworthy that a handful of Democratic operatives and activists held a press conference to announce they were not supporting the Republican candidate. The press conference was organized and paid for, after all, by the state Democratic Party.”

Oh, my. Shawn…I’m about to school you in how to deal with a liberal. The RIGHT WAY.

The entire premise of their argument is that McMahon is unfit because of her participation in WWE, her daughter’s participation (including one episode where she slapped her daughter), and the degradation of women that goes on in the sport. Their video shows several clips of WWE “fights” in which women are made to crawl on all fours, bark, strip, and are viciously beaten by men. Between each clip is a complaint – about degrading women, violence against women, how Linda marketed it to children – meant to tear McMahon down by claiming that she has participated in such events.

With such a vast plethora of comebacks, the best her spokesman could come up with was some low-brow “Democratic conspiracy” retort?

Let’s talk about how much liberals and Democrats care about women’s rights and dignity.

Islamic Sharia objectifies women. It makes us property. In many different ways it literally says that women are intrinsically evil, we are all whores, we were put on Earth by satan to tempt perfect men, and that men are 100% more believable than women because of this. Women are to remain covered from head to foot at all times. According to Sharia, we’re not allowed to wear makeup, wear any manner of form-fitting clothing or, in more extreme cases, even get an education. That might help us become more inventive about tempting men, you see. If a woman is raped, she isn’t a victim; she is the perpetrator, and such a crime is often worthy of a mixture of lashes and prison. A woman does not dare accuse her husband of adultery – she would have to answer questions about why she isn’t giving him what he wants, making him look elsewhere for it. If a woman is accused by her husband, all he needs is two friends willing to lie in testimony and she can be executed – by stoning.

Where has the liberal outrage been over these bass-ackwards laws? Oh, yeah, that’s right…it’s their culture. Allah forbid we tell anybody that their culture is wrong, especially not these poor people. We owe them for Afghanistan and Iraq. They’ll defend the Palestinians despite nearly 8,000 rockets being fired into Israeli civilian homes, schools and businesses. Code Pink will lambast anybody calling themselves a Republican for supposed war crimes but they won’t utter one syllable against Islam for turning women into animals.

Sarah Palin is a fantastic example. Democrats and hard-left liberals had no trouble at all trashing her and her family. Much was made of Sarah’s newborn son Trig. Democrats ripped into that with rumors that Trig was actually daughter Bristol’s, and that Sarah was faking it so the family could save face with their uber-conservative constituents. Then, when it was discovered that Bristol really was preggers and was unmarried, it ruled out that rumor, so the real brutality began. They bashed Sarah for not having an abortion when they knew that Trig would be a special-needs child. David Letterman made lewd jokes about Sarah’s daughters being hit on by Yankees players. Obama made a crude reference to lipstick on a pig. Democrats themselves perpetrated these social crimes and not once did we hear a single one of their number say it was wrong.

They’ll engage in degrading remarks and acts against women and even defend them when it suits their purposes. Now that Linda McMahon is entering a race on the GOP ticket, they’re all over that self-righteousness about the dignity of women.

The duplicity is astounding.