The Most Important Thing You Can Do

When election time comes around, my friends on gayconservative as well as family/email contacts tend to regard me as a crazy person begging for donations.  I promise you all that this will be the last political donation that I will solicit from you this election cycle.  And it is, perhaps, the most important contribution that we can all make.  This one makes me crazy with its potential.  I urge you all to hear me out.

Dick Morris and Super PAC for America have teamed up to “spread the wealth” to second-tier Republican congressional races through “Project 100.”  The national Republican organizations are focusing their resources on tight races where they have a strong chance to knock off Democrat incumbents or take seats currently held by the Dems.  Morris has launched Project 100 in order to spend last-minute money in races flying under the radar. Their goal is to raise $20 million in order to spend $100,000 in each of these races.

We don’t have poll numbers in all the races, but we do know that liberal stalwarts like Barney Frank and Steny Hoyer are in trouble in their own races.  If unemployment numbers (released Friday) don’t show improvement, then we can expect a hard break to the right – according to DEMOCRAT strategist, Pat Caddell. 

We need 40 seats in the House and 10 in the Senate to regain a Republican majority in Congress.  But Morris isn’t satified with that, and neither am I.  He believes that the GOP can take 100+ seats from Democrats in this reelection.  Think about what that would mean for a moment….

A slim Republican majority would give us a chance to SLOW Obama and his agenda.  A massive Republican tsunami would give us the ability to roll-back Obama and Pelosi’s agenda – and undo a lot of the damage that has already been done.  Taking 100+ seats from Democrats would be one of the most earth-shaking political realignments since the 1800s.  And the opportunity to do that is NOW.  We may not have the opportunity to do this again for many years to come.

Morris feels that such a feat would set back liberalism in the nation FOR A GENERATION.  Imagine that.  We are concerned about the direction of the nation, and this election gives us a chance to turn that direction in a positive manner for decades.  That is why it is so critical that we make this election count for all that it is worth.

I beg all of you who care about the conservative cause to donate at the link below.  Reagan Democrats are coming home, and we have to bring them in.  Project 100 gives us a chance to support those GOP candidates who are within striking distance.  These races are not highly publicized, but they can make a difference.  Nobody really expected the Republican Revolution of 1994.  And with a little help, we can make this bigger than 1994.

As you can probably tell by this post – I am extremely excited about this project.  I have the email from Dick Morris’ site advertising this campaign.  I can forward this email to anyone interested so that you, in turn, can forward it to your email list.  Just let me know.

In the meantime, please donate  here…..


PS:  Donate quickly.  Elections are less than a month away!