Moving Forward


After about 10 years of finding an appreciation of Wonder Woman as a child and later years preferring Madonna and disco over Nirvana and Heavy Metal, people had to be headless to not know I was gay.  When people officially found out, they were not surprised.

That being said, it’s no secret that since 2008, it’s been fruitless to try and find the kind of interest I had in Sarah Palin in other potential candidates.  I promise I wasn’t a groupie.  I was a supporter.  Never in my life throughout being as interested in politics as I had been for at least the ten years of my life proceeding had I experienced that kind of rousing.  Our party was snoring in 2008.  Sarah Palin woke us up!

That unique level of support made me what Tammy Bruce herself coined (or at least I believe it was her who did) a “Palinista.”  Bruce herself was one as well.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tammy Bruce at the Indianola Palin rally September 3rd.  She was very down to earth and was busy getting hellos and handshakes from other supporters of Palin and fans of hers, a.k.a. “TAMs”  (Tammy Army Member).

Let me say that it was the first time I was ever involved in politics to that degree and it was so much fun.  I read about people who worked for Reagan’s campaigns and about all the friends they met in the process they’ve kept through this day.  To me, Sarah Palin was the same way — she brought good folks together.  I got to meet Peter Singleton (the King Palinista).  Peter went to Iowa last year leaving behind his business and lived off of his savings to start O4P (Organize for Palin).  Similarly, Michelle McCormick left Texas to meet up with him as well.  I met my friends Cheri, Whitney, and others.  These people will stay friends with me as we continue to look ahead and continue to trade thoughts over at C4P (Conservatives For Palin).

With our dedication, along with thousands like us across the nation, we made a difference.  We did so well that other tea party candidates like Bachmann, Paul, and Cain noticed.  Their supporters often contacted us to get first dibs on our support in case Sarah announced she wouldn’t run as she did.

Tammy Bruce warned us weeks ago on her radio show that we were going to learn a lot about ourselves throughout this entire process.  Of course I believed (as well as Tammy) that she was going to run.  Who would think that someone would deliberate until October to say no?

But I don’t regret anything and am continuing other efforts with fellow supporters of the Governor.

The dust has settled from Wednesday’s shock.  I remain hopeful for Palin’s influence over the campaign.  As a matter of fact, I know she has meetings set up with various candidates and Santorum today became the latest to solicit her endorsement.

My only concern is whether or not we can make certain that the grassroots (once led by Palin officially) continues holding the remaining candidates accountable to their records and being able to filter out the nonsense reported by the media and an overly-confident GOP who continue to perpetuate the “anybody but Obama” cliche.

It is more than “anyone but Obama.”  It’s our primary.  We deserve a good candidate.  So I cannot say that my support has moved from Palin just yet, even though I know it’s probably going to have to.  But I sincerely have no idea yet who I can possibly support.

I look forward to discussions here and my other favorite daily forums as we reach that conclusion collectively.