Sarah Palin: The People’s Leader

Written for Conservatives4Palin


With her announcement Wednesday that she would not run for President, Sarah Palin had broken many of our hearts.  Personally, I’ve been waiting patiently since 2008 for Palin to prove the naysayers wrong.  To me, there truly was no other potential candidate more deserving of the title of “President” of our exceptional nation.

Like many of you, I became a diehard supporter the moment she graced the stage of the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minnesota.  Our country was dark.  Our nominee in 2008 came with questionable baggage. I never expected John McCain to go as far out-of-the-box as he did by choosing this magnificent conservative from Alaska to join him on his ticket.

Sarah Palin brought energy back to our love of country.   After many years of challenging wars, the beginning of an economic collapse, and the loss of Congress we suffered in 2006, she was my first sign of hope that patriotism was back with an endless well of energy and determination.

Like many of you and the wonderful contributors of C4P and volunteers at O4P, I made a choice to get involved.  After the election loss of 2008, my attention immediately moved to the midterm elections of 2010.  Having Sarah Palin’s “boots on the ground” made that mission a lot easier.

But she couldn’t do it alone.  It took us; the people she inspired in masses, to make a difference.  She took shots and so did we.  We struggled in our personal lives trying to make ends meet in an Obama-economy, but through those challenges, Sarah Palin gave us the grassroots network by her use of the new social media.  This network became a big step in shaping our electoral process by keeping us involved day-to-day.   Couple that with the support of our hard earned dollars we managed to scrimp and send in to SarahPAC along with tireless hours of volunteering, we along with the tea party became a force to be reckoned with.

Because of her vision and intuition as well as the help from our energy and resources, conservatism presided over the biggest victory either party had accomplished since WW2.

Unlike politicians like Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin is not one who feels entitled to anything – including the presidency.  It’s why we love her.  To us, it’s why she truly deserves the honor.  In fact, Sarah Palin embodies the pride all of us carry which thanks all of the exceptional men and women in uniform who have died to preserve our rights.

As conservatives, we accept those rights proudly under the guise of personal responsibility.  The progressives on the other hand spend their lives accepting theirs under the guise of entitlement.

Like Hillary had for three years preceding 2008, Sarah Palin spent the years preceding 2012 with massive media speculation of a possible White House run.  But unlike Hillary who announced her candidacy 18 months before November of 2008, Sarah Palin remained humble and chose to take the proper time to deliberate with her family, to pray for spiritual guidance, and took all things into consideration so she could make the best decision she could.

Of course, we know in our hearts that no possible candidate can replace her.  But the fact is we are collectively faced with the patriotic duty of properly listening to the remaining candidates and making an informed decision when we cast our ballots in the primary.

Sure, it wasn’t what we wanted.  But what we have in this terrific lady is immeasurable.  She showed us for three years that we can work together to attain results.  She even showed us that we can do it without the blessings of politicos and the mainstream media.  The biggest thing she proved is that there is no better tool in the mission for change than an energized people.  Our duty is to continue carrying that torch she helped light and to not allow those happy with the permanent political establishment to discourage us from making a lot of noise.

In many ways, Sarah Palin has had a much larger effect on the positivity of our nation in recent years than any president has in the last couple of decades.  Her proclamation of not needing a title has been illustrated on precisely what she did by disempowering those who sought to destroy her political office in Alaska simultaneously becoming the People’s Leader who was not constrained by a political office.

While I am disappointed, I am also relieved that we won’t be losing that quality in this all-too-important election cycle.  Her “boots on the ground” are even more important than they were in the 2010 mid-terms.  We have a White House to win and Senate to take back.  She’s out there serving as the General to our army and I couldn’t ask for anything more of her.

Sarah Palin’s possibilities are endless.  It took Ronald Reagan 16 years from the time he inspired Americans with his Goldwater speech in 1964 to make it to the White House.  Sarah Palin is young enough to make herself the most powerful advocate in the country, a possible Senator someday, or yes, even a possible candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

Throughout all that remains to be seen in the best days that are yet to come, I know in our collective hearts that we must continue our journey.  I will continue donating to SarahPAC.  I will continue to follow Sarah Palin’s commentary and campaigning efforts to restore our nation.  I look forward to doing it with all of you.  We owe her to honor what she spent so hard working for.

So while we won’t be calling her “President Palin” in 2012, we can be confident that with our unconditional and continuing support, she will always remain the People’s Leader.