To a Muslim, there is no such thing as an innocent infidel. Learn this fact now and learn it well, before you read the rest of this missive. The Qur’an, Hadith and Sunnah all say that very explicitly.

While the dust and smoke was still days from settling after the attacks on 9/11, Yasser Arafat (then the head of the Palestinian government) openly condemned the attacks. What nobody pointed out at the time was that he had previously–on multiple occasions–praised the “martyrdom operations” of suicide bombers who routinely blew themselves up in crowded ice cream parlors, pizza restaurants, and buses in Israel to kill as many Jews as they could. Arafat was never questioned by the MSM about this duplicity. But those who have studied Islam can tell you exactly what it was all about.


It is a purely Muslim concept, one that few Americans have ever heard of. It is also called “dissimulation” in English: it gives a Muslim the right, even the mandate, to hide one’s faith whether in part or in whole in order to protect oneself. Most often these days it is used to simply save face, and it’s excused by many Imams and the Ayatollahs as being the right thing to do. Since the Imams regard attacks launched with the intent of killing infidels as jihad, technically, they’re not lying when they say they don’t support terrorism.

If you recall, when the news of who was responsible for the attacks on 9/11 was released, we learned quite a bit. Unfortunately the facts were quickly buried by the media; they were scrambling to make sure that America didn’t do to Muslims what was done to Japanese, Germans and Italians after WWII. It’s an understandable reason, but one that has been far too dangerous for us to keep harping on.

Whether America wants to believe it or not, Arab Muslims are our enemy. Even those in Saudi Arabia; they may be our allies on the face, but that is merely to keep the beast at bay. If the Saudi royal family hadn’t grown so accustomed to the wealth and power they have, they would be on the same bent as the rest of the Muslim-led nations in the Middle East. They would swear that America is the great satan and jihad must be waged for the sake of allah.

Taqiyya has something to do with that as well. As it stands, even if every one of those nations banded together to attack us, America could bomb them back to the stone age. They all know it. Especially after 9/11, they knew that if they really pissed us off, we’d let ’em have it. So despite his previous statements (and the Palestinian people dancing in the streets and firing their guns in the air and praising their god for what had happened), Arafat knew that if he didn’t come out and publicly denounce the attack, he’d be on the same short list as any other nation found to support Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Did you ever wonder why he condemned the attack but never condemned the celebrations of his people?

Now, taqiyya is serving Muslims well in the press. They can deny that Abdel Yasser Said murdered his two daughters in an honor killing by spouting a list of insignificant questions about the case and dismissing writers like me as Islamophobic. They can disavow the crime committed by Muzzammil Hassan as simply being domestic violence despite the fact that he beheaded his wife after she served him with divorce papers.

And they can paint 17-year-old Rifqa Bary as a liar after she ran away from home to escape the father who threatened to kill her for converting to Christianity. They can help her father, Mohammed Bary, lie to the whole world about just wanting Rifqa to come home. Through the spokesman for the Noor Islamic Institute (known for its ties to terrorism), they can lie about the injury that brought the Bary family to America in the first place (a beating that left her without the use of her right eye), they can accuse the pastor who took her in of using Rifqa for religious and political purposes, and they can say, “if her father is a true Muslim, why would he allow her to wear a short skirt and shake pom-poms as a cheerleader?”

Why would he allow it? Taqiyya. By the way, apostasy to Muslims is the greatest crime of all–killing an apostate in one’s own family is not merely allowed, it is commanded.

To Muslims, it is a tool. I say it is the most gutless rule ever offered by any belief system. Because infidels are not innocent, crimes committed against them (up to and including murder) are not crimes. Agreements signed with them are null and void. And peace? Guess what…according to the Qur’an, any peace accord with infidels is not allowed to last longer than ten years.

Tomorrow marks eight years since 9/11/2001. We have been lulled into believing the way we did on 9/10/2001 by taqiyya in action. We can’t offend them, people say. What if we’re wrong? What if they really are trying to live in peace?

To that, I pose another question…are you willing to be one of the victims that proves peace isn’t what they want? Better yet, are you willing to let someone you love die for that?