Maybe Someday I’ll Make Top-Billing

I would have missed this but for Kevin at QueerConservative.  It seems that a gay-liberal has decided to attempt to analyze the land of common sense.

The author of this blatherfest that refused to fail its expected reader by characterizing me as “self-loathing” (gee, why haven’t I heard that before?)  goes on about how liberals like us more and how being gay automatically makes one pro-abortion.  It also points out how loathing it is to expect my community to have a little “pride” by refusing freak-floats on the one day of the year we are supposed to commemorate the victims of the Stonewall era. 

Of course, the author of this would be the first one to whine when the rest of humanity views the gay community as the freaks that play with straight freaks, wear big wigs, and trade “wet stories” about golden showers publicly. 

This fella is also delusioned to believe that it is Democratic politicians that are going to convince the rest of America.  He also lumps the entire community in with other areas of liberal insanity:

One facet of the all-powerful gay stereotype that affects both gay men and lesbians is the idea that we’re all on the liberal side of any political argument. Pro-gay rights, naturally — but also anti-war, pro-choice, and in favor of teaching evolution and comprehensive sex education in schools. This is one area of the gay stereotype that I happen to fit. I’ve often said that I’m happy to be a tree-hugging peacenik

So, I suppose the gay community is a bunch of sheep and nobody has any original thoughts of their own if they happen to be attracted to members of their same-sex?  He wants to teach Darwinism in public schools but also fails to realize that Darwinism considers any species’ mating-practices that do not result in reproduction direct-qualifiers for being exiled from the gene pool.  Does he view this as a compliment?

This is indeed someone who seems to be following Hollywood and is someone who is not thinking outside of the box.  Just because he’s gay, he’s liberal.  Yep, that’s original.

My only request is that next time he gives me top-billing.