Pointing the Finger

Yesterday morning, Scott Roeder walked into a church in Kansas and shot Dr. George Tiller to death. Tiller was well-known for being one of only three doctors in the entire country who provides late-term abortions (abortions performed after a fetus reaches 21 weeks). I’d heard of Tiller many times on the news and thought what he did was ghastly, but never would I have ever thought it justified to kill him. I still don’t think he should have been murdered.

A quick summation of my views on abortion: I am mostly pro-life except for my belief that morning-after pills are acceptable in cases of rape. I believe that once a fetus forms a brain and a beating heart it is a child, and terminating that child is murder. In particular I believe that late-term abortions are a heinous crime that never should have been legalized, as it has been proven that late-term babies are capable of understanding that their life is in danger (the belief that it’s a reflexive action to try to escape an abortion doctor’s suction tool does not negate that fact). I believe that this sort of abortion is little more than society’s way of absolving us of accepting responsibility for our actions, because we all know that a very likely consequence of having sex is pregnancy–and a woman’s right to choose can be exercised before it gets to the point that she decides she doesn’t want this child to ruin her life.

That said, I still wholeheartedly condemn Scott Roeder’s actions. The law expressly forbids vigilantism. Taking the law into your own hands and meting out justice as you see it is every bit as illegal as the original crime, and with good reason. If vigilantism were legal innocent people would routinely be targeted. But in no way does any fact justify Dr. Tiller’s murder. My heart goes out to his family.

Now, liberals, you have a prime example of a conservative condemning this action. I have read countless comments on multiple blogs from liberals who have already tried and condemned all Christians and conservatives for Dr. Tiller’s murder. It is a crime to do so this quickly, every bit as it was a crime for Roeder to pick up a gun and pull the trigger in a church to take vengeance in his own way. By pinning this on all of us is as hypocritical as you claim we are. You scream for tolerance, yet you cannot tolerate our beliefs. The crime scene hadn’t even been fully processed before you were all pointing the finger at us for this crime. Within hours, a reader named Dave posted a comment on my post Stop the “Christian Taliban?”:

“When christchuckers continue to kill gynecologists and fertility doctors; then celebrate that murder; while condemning their own gay sons and daughters they will be referred to as the Christian Taliban. If you don’t like it, get the f*** out of my country and move to Saudi Arabia.”

I have a major problem with this. First of all, the last time an ABORTION doctor (note, they are not gynecologists or “fertility doctors”) was murdered was 1998. That was eleven years ago. Right now, liberals are talking about this as if it happens all the time, and it’s simply not true, so please stop that angle. Second, not one sane Christian in this country has celebrated any of the acts that have ever been committed against abortion doctors; it is only the fringe groups who badly misquote and take the bible completely out of context who attempt to use their religion to justify their actions. Just because a handful do that does not mean that I’m at fault for their stupidity. Finally, not one person has been able to give a single accurate reason for labelling Christians the Taliban, because Christians in America don’t beat and execute women for being caught without a male escort in public. Don’t preach at us about extremism when that is the tactic you’re using to discredit us.

This incident has already proven my point about emotion vs. reason. A reasonable, rational person is capable of stopping before reacting and thinking about what would and wouldn’t be appropriate. Liberals, for the most part, react to everything based on an emotional gut reaction and they speak and act before they even try to think about the insinuations they’re making. We wonder why we aren’t getting anything done, well, here’s the reason, staring us dead in the face: too many are too unwilling to see anything from the other side’s perspective before they write the other guy off. Like it or not, libs, it’s usually YOU refusing to talk to US. You’ve just proven that.

If you really want to get the ball rolling to being a more tolerant society, stop pointing the finger at someone else and take a long look in the mirror. If we take little else away from Dr. Tiller’s murder we can at least learn that lesson.