Frick and Frack

It’s Rosh Hashanah, everybody! I’m with my family today, enjoying the day and their company. I’m also–as usual–watching the news. FOX News in particular. (Liberals, roll your eyes now and start the familiar “FOX isn’t news” mantra…face it, they’re getting John Stossel, they’ve already gotten Bernie Goldberg and Chris Wallace, you can’t just say they’re making up their own news or get pissed about their “right-wing agenda”.)

I just finished watching Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday section featuring ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis and Republican congressman Darrell Issa (don’t tell me they’re biased–you’d never see Issa or any other known conservative sitting next to such a die-hard liberal on any of the other major networks!). Wallace was fair; he actually gave much of the floor to Lewis. I found it very interesting, both amusing and at the same time irritating, that Lewis was completely incapable of addressing Issa. Not once did she so much as look at him. She didn’t turn to face him. She couldn’t even speak to the man–any time Issa posed a civil and rational question to Lewis, using “you” and “your” and other direct, personal words and phrases, Lewis would ONLY speak to Wallace. “What Mr. Issa says is interesting,” she’d say, or, “I’m glad Mr. Issa asked that question.” She wouldn’t even acknowledge he was in the same building, let alone sitting not two feet from her.

I daresay that behavior was absolutely outrageous. Can you imagine if Darrell Issa had done that? He’d have been tarred and feathered. It’s every bit as outrageous as Obama making a point to blitz all of the Sunday morning news shows…with the only exception being FOX. He wouldn’t give one second of airtime to FOX, yet he’d talk to every other big-name network.

This week, Andrew Breitbart’s began running a series of explosive videos in which two independent journalists posing as pimp and prostitute ran a sting and caught at every single office ACORN employees giving them advice on evading detection for their illicit activities by finding ways to hoodwink the IRS and others who might come sniffing. In some cases, the ACORN workers gave tips on how to hide the fact that they were using underage girls from South America in a prostitution ring. When the videos first came out ACORN threatened to sue and put pressure on the Maryland AG’s office. That AG first tried to threaten Breitbart and his reporters with an investigation into supposed illegal wiretapping for recording the sessions. Today, after threatening FOX with a lawsuit for showing the videos, Lewis appeared with Wallace in a concerted damage control effort. Obama, though, is trying to claim he didn’t know what was going on and that he doesn’t care.

I think Obama would rather have dental surgery without anesthesia than talk to a FOX reporter. He’d rather talk to the reporters who fawned over him when he walked by because they won’t challenge him–they’ll ask him what appears to be a tough question, much like George Stephanopoulos did this morning on ABC, then once he’s given his answer they let it go. They won’t ask him to elaborate, they just move on. What happened to really asking the tough questions? I seriously think everyone in the MSM has lost their balls. I think they dropped off and rolled down their pant legs, and they didn’t stop to think before kicking them away as little more than an annoyance.

Stephanopoulos asked Obama about ACORN, to which Obama stuttered and finally said that he wasn’t paying attention to the ACORN controversy and the news about Congress cutting off funding to the community-organizing group. It stopped there, though. It went no further. Stephanopoulos allowed Obama to deny being involved and didn’t point out a single shred of evidence (of which there is quite a bit) that Obama is, in fact, heavily involved with ACORN. He always has been. Where were the challenges about Obama’s previous legal work on ACORN’s behalf? Where were the challenges about Obama training ACORN workers for Project Vote? Where were the questions about Obama giving more than $830,000 to Citizens Services, Inc., an ACORN front organization, for “advance work” on his campaign–work such as sound, lighting, lodging, polling and license fees. Mind you, ACORN and CSI are both supposedly just community organizing groups that canvas for low-income families. And the Obama campaign had to later revise their federal reports on the payments to CSI. They lied about it on the report they initially filed.

Nobody in the MSM has dared to cross The One and ask questions about funding, ties to ACORN, or questionable practices. Hardball my Texan ass–the MSM doesn’t know how to do it anymore. They couldn’t even play real hardball with Sarah Palin! What the hell kind of question is “what magazines do you read to get your news?” Are you freakin’ serious?

We need to face facts. Bertha Lewis and ACORN are a criminal racket and Obama is up to his eyeballs with them. He says he’s not paying much attention, but the reality is that he’s just trying to distance himself from his most ardent supporters in an attempt to save face. Plausible deniability is the new chic with Democrats. First Charles Gibson pretended to know nothing about the ACORN scandal, then Nancy Pelosi followed suit. Today, Obama played dumb. Obama and ACORN are frick and frack, folks. You can’t separate ’em.