Gay-Beating Victim Points Political Fingers

Sunday an Australian “gay activist” alleged he was beaten while in Moscow for their second gay pride parade. 

In America we like to call this “yet another reason to elect Republicans.”  Liberals’ easy penalties against hardened criminals just won’t cut it to make me happy, sorry!

In any case, the victim said:

“Russian orthodox fundamentalists together with right-wing nationalists and neo-nazis attacked the Gay Pride marchers as we assembled outside City Hall.”

Then later remarked:

“The right-wing gangs set on me, punching me in the eye, they dragged me to the ground where I was kicked and punched.”

Does this sound like a true victim?  Or does this sound like someone stretching the truth a little bit to use his “victim status” explicitly?  Jerry Falwell (the biggest-baddest-Christian-bully of them all) NEVER advocated physical harm or disrespect to anyone that was gay or anyone that hated him for being a Christian (as many did and prove to this day.)

There are haters all over the planet and if that happened here in the United States and this was brought before the Supreme Court with Alito and Roberts, I guarantee this type of crime would be cracked down on a lot more effectively than by, say, Ruth Bader Ginsberg or basically any Supreme Court Nominee that could be appointed under Hillary’s administration.

I feel sorry for the guy – but to label someone in the Soviet Union as a right-winger who physically attacks him is preposterous. 


By clicking here, CNN tells us a different story.  Apparently there were no gay pride parades and gay protesters were there to deliver a petition to the mayor of Moscow.  The violence then broke out between the protestors and the opposers. 

The first article on here leads one to believe that a peaceful parade was already in progress – and then the EVIL RIGHT stepped in and ruined it.

I do believe gay rights should advance in all countries.  But we should not have to lie and defame Conservatives and Christians to get it.