Obama to Taliban: Let’s Make A Deal!

Democrats are saying some amazing things right now…and they’re ensuring their pending demise with their words. Today, it’s come out that President Obama is talking about only sending enough extra troops to Afghanistan to effectively fight Al-Qaeda. Worse yet, he’s talking about making the Taliban “a partner in the political process.”

I’m sorry…since when did we recognize any difference between Al-Qaeda and the Taliban?

They may go by different names, but in ideals they are the same. They both believe that America is the great satan. They both believe that jihad needs to be carried out against America. The Taliban may be a government while Al Qaeda is a paramilitary organization, but I can’t tell where one begins and the other ends. And I cannot believe that we’re talking about actually trying to make a deal with the Taliban.

The Taliban gave Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda shelter, resources, and the ability to train for jihad. They helped 9/11 happen. While I may agree that we needed to have a better plan before taking action against Iraq, we should have taken out the Taliban before they got a foothold back in the 80’s. There was no excuse for allowing them to take power. We have pictures and video of human rights violations that make my blood run cold, and our President wants to make a deal?

I don’t suppose this has anything to do with his Muslim upbringing. Or his desire to find some way to apologize to the world.

I hear liberals all day telling me how even the war in Afghanistan is wrong and needs to end. It’s their culture, they say. It’s not up to us to tell other people how to live.

This is where Philip goes, “Oh, REALLY?”

If it’s not our job to tell anyone how to live, then what’s the point of hate crimes legislation (which, by the way, you’ll get your wish for today when Congress votes to add sexual orientation to the list)? If we don’t have any right to tell anybody else what’s right and wrong, then why do we as a society have any laws to begin with? If it’s not up to us to determine what constitutes a punishable human rights violation, then what the hell gives you the right to call waterboarding torture? And please, explain to me WHY you’re demanding a global response to the genocide in Darfur. Explain this to me. Tell me why Israel is so wrong for doing what they do and defending themselves, why you’re so ready to support Palestinian suicide bombers.

If it is not our business what another nation does because that’s their culture, then why do you point fingers at us here at gayconservative and say that we must be a group of self-loathing closet cases and liken us to Jews trying to be Nazis?

You can’t have it both ways. Either there’s a clear right and wrong and we’re willing to stand up for it or everything is gray and there should be no societal law.

Oh, and I have to point this one out, too–GOP members issued a statement about the kerfuffle over the proposed troop surge in Afghanistan, saying, “If Nancy Pelosi’s failed economic policies are any indicator of the effect she may have on Afghanistan, taxpayers can only hope McChrystal is able to put her in her place.”

Pelosi, on cue, made it a women’s rights issue and was completely aghast that Republicans would dare make such a statement. She just couldn’t believe that they’d say that to the first woman speaker of the house, and she hasn’t heard that language in decades.

Get a clue, Pelosi. We don’t give a damn what’s in your jockeys. What we care about is the fact that you have zero military experience and no concern whatsoever for what’s best for our nation and the future. That comment had nothing at all to do with your gender, so please, quit trying to make this a civil rights game. You’re proving that you’re incapable of using your brain to respond intelligently. You’re only playing politics, the same partisan game you accuse Republicans of.

One more thing…if any Republican had done what Charlie Rangel has, you’d be calling for his head. You’ve done it for far lesser offenses. Once we take the reins, you can bet your gender- and race-baiting ass he’ll answer for what he’s done.