Bush v. Gore: “Get Over It!”

This is why we love Justice Antonin Scalia.  In an interview for CBS “60 Minutes” which will air Sunday, he tells the woman interviewing him to “Get Over It!” after she proclaimed that many believe that the decisions of the courts were “not based on judicial philosophy but on politics” where Scalia brilliantly replied “I say, nonsense.”

Scalia also reminded her that it was indeed Al Gore that turned it from a matter of “Democracy” to a matter that was decided on by the courts, not George W. Bush.  He also pointed out that the vote was democratically voted on within the courts 7-2.

It was Al Gore who made it a judicial question.  It was he who brought it into the Florida Courts.  We didn’t go looking for trouble.  It was he who said “I want this to be decided by the courts” and what were supposed to say? ‘No, not important enough?’

Oh if we could get one more Supreme Court nominee before November, how beautiful would life be.