Apparently Liberals Still Aren’t Over Palin

As Ann Coulter mocked beautifully this week, liberals just cannot seem to get over Sarah Palin.  Just within the last 24 hours, the following was put forth:

1.) Suddenly now, it appears that Levi Johnston has become the new hero to liberals.  I mean, it’s only natural.  He made a baby he’s not taking care of, he lived off of the Palins for months, and he’s caving into all the sudden new respect, adoration, and praise of a group of idiots. 

2.) Just this morning, Sarah Palin and her attorney released the following statement:

When Governor Palin announced that she would be resigning, in part, because of the unusual number of frivolous ethics complaints burdening the state of Alaska, that was not intended to be an invitation to file more frivolous ethics complaints. Not everyone got the message. As if to underscore the Governor’s point, two more frivolous complaints were filed this week.

For example, Raymond A. Ward (DOB 1947), has apparently filed a state ethics complaint (No. 19) incorrectly alleging that the Governor has appeared on “television and radio variety shows earning and accepting money for personal and private use on state time.” These allegations are categorically false. Though signed under “penalty of purgery” (sic) it is apparent that Mr. Ward has no factual basis for the statements he has made.

Governor Palin has never been paid an appearance fee or received other remuneration from any “television or radio” show. She has not been paid for any media interview. The allegations made by Mr. Ward have no basis in truth.

In releasing the complaint publicly today, Mr. Ward violated the confidentiality provision of the Ethics Act. Mr. Ward is apparently no stranger to the Alaska court system apparently with a collection of criminal and civil matters allegedly involving him, including possible allegations of: filing a false report, illegal use of the telephone, criminal trespass, domestic violence, vehicle tampering, and DUI. Ward’s attorney in some of those past cases–Rex Butler.

Attached are Courtview print-outs as well as an updated list of ethics complaints.

THOMAS VAN FLEIN-Personal Attorney for Governor Palin

Criminal and civil matters?  Interesting.