Coulter’s Response to Atheist Copy-Cat


This Christopher Hitchens character is just too much.  But ultimately here, Coulter is correct.  Christians and conservatives alike couldn’t care less about Christopher Hitchens and ultimately it will be God who will deal with him in the end, it’s out of our league and is not worth pondering.

However; I would like to make an objectional observation.  Last year when Ann Coulter released Godless: The Church of Liberalism, Christopher Hitchens wrote for Vanity Fair and wrote the review for Coulter’s book. 

A year later, he puts out a book called God is Not Great?  In the book he makes many statements that would be perceived by the whining left as provactive if they were being said about liberalism, the Jersey Girls, or Obama.  (The only difference is, conservatives couldn’t care less.) 

It seems to me that this man cares less about his position as a Godless liberal and more about his sad attempt to adopt Ann Coulter’s writing style to cash in on Coultermania.

He should have went all the way by growing his hair long and wearing a black sports-dress on the cover of the book, too.

Liberals are such clones.