It’s all about the little things:


 I absolutely love when Democrats get all “serious” as Alan Colmes did with Ann Coulter when she started laughing at his and Jane Flemings’ assertion that 76% of Americans are against the war.  France, Canada, Australia, England are all prime examples of how liberal the rest of the world is!  While the America-hating left goes around spouting their phony concerns about the rest of the world hating us (trust me nobody could hate America as much as liberals do), they seem to keep forgetting that the rest of the world are electing conservative leaders! 

 Now, after the Democrats (the same Democrats that gained control of both houses almost a half-year ago) have sold out their lunatic-base, we can point out that apparently these stupid-phony polls that nutball liberals like Rosie O’Donnell keep yapping about are INACCURATE.  Democrats’ votes in the House and Senate, and ACTUAL elections all over the world are what we like to call true and OBJECTIVE evidence of the nation’s AND world’s opinion on security and conservatism.

Say, can we get Hillary and Obama to make statements this week condemning the same bill that the Democrats passed this week?  That may be too much to ask, I suppose.

Just looking at how unhappy Jane Fleming and Alan Colmes look is good enough for me.  They sound like such sore-losers when Coulter consistently giggles throughout the debate.