Mark Segal: The True “Self-Loather”

It’s no surprise to me that activist types and those out there who make being gay 99% of what makes them up as a human beings will avoid having to come up with logical debate techniques other than “you’re stupid” or “you’re a Nazi” to make their point.  After all, these are liberal-gay men we’re talking about here.  But you would think that the ones crying the hardest for gay rights would avoid using “you’re gay” as an insult.

In this hilarious piece of journalism, Mark Segal of Philadelphia Gay News decided to pen a column citing anonymous sources that declare Ann Coulter as being a lesbian.  Okay, fine.  So, we are declaring that Ann Coulter might be gay, do you have a follow-up point?

Apparently not.  Unless of course talking about the use of sex toys can be considered a legitimate political argument that is going to strengthen the path to gay rights in this country. 

This is one of those activist-types that I warn the gay community about.  They begin their articles with a flaming title “Mark My Words”  (probably with a hand on his hip and following up with “gurrrrlfriend”) and immediately begin the attack by labeling their subject (Ann Coulter) as someone who is homophobic. 

He then mentions Coulter’s “support” of Mary Cheney’s baby, only to further it with more insults:

“Ms. Coulter’s support of Mary Cheney’s new baby should not be confused with the idea that she wishes to become just another pregnant lesbian herself. She rejected that path after numerous attempts with the turkey-baster method. And like the vice president’s daughter, she does not believe in the new domestic-partners legislation legalizing lesbian marriages, and therefore does not wish to give birth to a bastard — many of course would say like the child’s mother.”

To begin with, Mary Cheney is an advocate for gay rights, as she has mentioned over and over again.  But see, to insane liberal-activists like Mark Segal, casting your vote while keeping in mind that there are other issues out there to be dealt with such as terrorism is a completely self-loathing and homophobic thing to do.

I only wonder why he didn’t attack Tammy Bruce in this column?  We know that she is gay, supports the President’s war policies, owns a gun, and simutaneously supports progressive rights.  At least he would have had a solid start.

If Ann Coulter is straight, I know that she doesn’t hate me.  If Ann Coulter is gay, I welcome her to the land of gay conservatives that recognize the true damage that idiot activist types like this are doing to our community.