My Apologies to the Atheists…

Wow, I thought this one was put to bed.

This all started just a couple of weeks ago when I posted a humorous reply that Ann Coulter had to Christopher Hitchens.  It was not a debate of science, it wasn’t even a serious opposition to the overall theory of atheism.  Yes, we all know that Ann Coulter is a believer and does not agree with Darwinism (along with 76% of the country by the way).

For some reason, that very general comment drew the fire of a lot of non-believers which is perfectly fine with me.  I am not an enemy of discussion (otherwise I wouldn’t be here.)

In response to those comments and discussion, I posted a second video which featured Bill O’Reilly debating Richard Dawkins.  In this video, I proved that even Dawkins (the Atheists’ God) himself cannot prove that it all started without the force of a Creator.  When O’Reilly asked him where his proof was, he stated “We’re working on it.”

So, basically we have two men.  We have Jesus Christ and we have Richard Dawkins.  Jesus Christ professed a belief in God used that belief to stop a prostitute from being stoned to death, probably the only thing that liberals and the ACLU would have endorsed on His behalf. 

I then posted different perspectives from very different sources.  I also showed how scientists all over the place disagree with one another on the various theories that have been concocted all on the basis that God “probably does not” exist. 

While Darwinism has proven itself a totally flawed theory, my argument has always remained the same which is: why should our tax dollars support the theory being taught in public classrooms?

We had some atheists hell-bent on making Christians direct enemies of science.  After I pointed that out, another atheist stated the contrary, and finally in this post, I am accused of censoring comments and believing that biology is NOT a natural science.

There is not one quote from me that suggests that.  This is just another pathetic attempt for atheists to make science an enemy of religion. 

So here we go one more.

1.) Darwinism is a byproduct of Evolution.  Christians and believers do not discount Evolution altogether.  What they denounce is the idea that we all share a worm.

2.) Darwinism and the crack-pot theories of someone like Richard Dawkins are not true bonafide science in the sense that it is linked to real science like Biology or Natural Sciences!

3.) Dawkins admits that he does not know and claims to be “working on it.”  So, we are just supposed to believe in the meantime and err on the side of idiocy that says it all “just happened” — that everything in the galaxy occured without the design of a magnificient being.

4.) 76% of this country agrees with me — if you are an atheist and you are reading this, I am not interested in convincing you!  You are the frustrated one because you are the one unable to provide the proof that backs up your idotic assertions (while shamefully using the good name of science to promote that same idiocy.)  I’m not here to convince you, and you guys have a lot of work to do if you want to change the mind of 228 million Americans.  Good luck.

5.) I do not delete comments.  I did; however, in the beginning (you know the Creationist in me) select an automatic setting that automatically blocks postings that contain more than two links as it usually indicates spam.  I don’t want my readers clicking on something and getting a virus.  But no comments were intentionally deleted. 

Now for the love of “God” (literally), quit crying like big sissies everytime someone exposes your extremism.  You have the choice to change that by respecting others’ rights to believe and keeping out of our pockets to promote your phony science.

12 thoughts on “My Apologies to the Atheists…”

  1. 1) I’m not sure what you mean by “Darwinism is a byproduct of Evolution”. Darwin was a proponent of the theory of evolution by natural selection, so if anything, evolution is a product of darwinism!

    2) Evolutionary biology is a scientific field, so I’m not sure how you can say “darwinism is not linked to science”. Sure, if you’re talking about evolution 100% as darwin described it, then, no… science has advanced since then. Darwin, for example, didn’t know about genes – but now we do, so we understand evolution better!

    3) “It all just happened” is not what science claims. We have quite a bit of knowledge about how live on earth began (not by chance at all!), but when it comes to the first few microseconds of our universe, yes… they’re “still working on it”.

    4) When you say “76% of this country agrees with you”, I presume you mean the Christian population? That doesn’t mean that each of your arguments is equally supported by this group. Either way, I’m glad to see the percentage is going down – I believe it was 82% in 2002.

    5) You might want to check your spam blocking settings. I’m pretty sure at least one of the comments I tried to submit only had one link (I’m aware of the 2-link setting, and thought I’d try again, and wait a few days to give you the benefit of the doubt)

    Oh, and finally – given your president “agrees with you” (he’s one of the 76%, right?), why doesn’t he just ban the teaching of evolution (he can make executive orders, right)? Even if not him alone, if so many people agree, it shouldn’t be a problem…

  2. “I’m not sure what you mean by “Darwinism is a byproduct of Evolution”

    Richard, Evolution is “the change in the interited traits of a population from generation to generation” — Christians realize this fact, it’s common knowledge and easy to understand. However, in the late 1800’s, Darwin came along and created the “theory of evolution by natural selection.” Therefore; you are incorrect, Darwinism is a branch of the overall evolutionary theory because it was Darwin that proposed the idea of heritable traits through mutation. Obviously the harmful traits have not become rarer, otherwise we wouldn’t need liberals out there endorsing Embroynic Stem Cell research for alleged cures to harmful traits that continue to plague us. Call me nuts, Richard, as a believer this is where I think prayer and faith comes in.

    “Evolutionary biology is a scientific field”

    Yes it is, but strictly on the theory of Evolution, the biological evidence for Darwin’s evolutionary theory of natural selection on the other hand is lacking and has been refuted by science all over (you even admitted this in a previous thread.)

    “We have quite a bit of knowledge about how live on earth began”

    Really? Then why didn’t Dawkins say that to O’Reilly?

    “I presume you mean the Christian population”

    NO! People can be believers Richard and refrain from practicing any religion. Out of 300 million Americans, 76% of them believe in a higher being and think that Darwinism is a crock. I mentioned nothing about Christianity there.

  3. You’ll note, if you watch the video closely, that what Dawkins refers to when he says “we’re working on it” is the beginning of the universe, not the beginning of life on earth (as I mentioned above). He gets cut off just as he’s about to say “physicists….” (who, as I understand it, have little to do with the understanding of life on earth, but are more interested in things like the big bang). He also claims in the same video “we have a very full understanding about … why life is there”, so I think you’re distorting Dawkins’ words.

    I’m also not sure where you get your statistics from, but I’m guessing that the 76% you’re talking about is “believers”, not “anti-evolutionists” (for lack of a better term). as far as I can tell, 40% of the US believe evolution is definitely true, with another %20 unsure. That said, pretty much every other major country in the world’s figures look a lot more promising (for the side of the scientists, that is). The fact that 40% of the USA population believe evolution is false says nothing about weather evolution is true or false, it just speaks to the gullibility of your population.

    However, if you can point me to your source of statistics, I’d certainly be interested.

  4. Thanks for the tip Michael and for your great article. I’ll be looking more into you. Please continue to visit us.

    I do think I’m a bit too opinionated to be considered “news” but I have thought of that in the past.

    Thanks again!

  5. That 76% of people agree with some proposition does not make the proposition correct.

    The burden of proof is NOT on atheists. They are not making any claims. The burden on proof is on those that believe in God. Their claim is that he exists. Why should we believe them?

    Dawkins doesn’t claim to be working on the problem of where the universe came from himself. But science is. Just because we don’t know yet, doesn’ t mean God did it. That’s a stupid argument called “The God of the Gaps” argument.

    Science has disproved plenty of ignorant assertions made by religious believers before.
    Examples are: that the earth is at the centre of the universe, that disease is caused by God’s wrath, that the world was created “intelligently”.
    (And please don’t come back with the stupid argument that some scientists are religious – that doesn’t prove anything. It is true that some are. But it is historically true to say that scientific discoveries have made religious doctrines backtrack and backtrack. This will continue.)

  6. Steve,

    It is of continual surprise to me how people can continue in good faith to claim that there is no evidence for Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Go and read some peer-reviewed literature in biology, ethology, genetics – anything!

    As for how effective prayer is: try the following experiement. Get you and all your buddies to pray for just one amputees arm to grow back. I’m sure God, being good and very concerned with what you’re praying for, will make the limb grow back. After all, it can’t be that hard for him; salamanders’ arms grow back and hardly anyone keeps them in their prayers.

  7. “Get you and all your buddies to pray for just one amputees arm to grow back.”

    What kind of an argument is that? Ask Darwin or Dawkins to make it grow back.

    Prayer is faith, and believing in God is faith. Just because you ask God for something does not mean it’s going to happen.

    Prayer can strengthen someone’s will such as the amputee who thinks he can’t go on without his arm. God steps in to provide that hope and that strength.

    Once Dawkins and Darwin start producing miracles and Peter Gabriel-video-like camera tricks, ask me then. Otherwise that silly argument will never hold water.

  8. Today’s secularization almost surrenders faith to the bins of lost romances. And as a person, not fully at ease with my own sense of spirituality, I recognize that my ethics were re-enforced through a faith. On the other hand, I have worked out some of my most sensitive issues through a person of whose beliefs I have no idea.
    But today we are faced with an element on this earth whose goal is to impose one faith over the rest of mankind and subborn the free will of those less inclined.

  9. Shaw, I understand what you are saying in terms of terrorism. I feel religion is simply defined as “morality with a spiritual framework” so obviously the theory of extreme Islam is obscene.

    But this nonsense about Atheists wanting us to prove God’s existence is preposterous. Dawkins cannot even give an explanation and if they are trying to convince us over the word of Jesus Christ, then they have some massive proving to do.

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