Liberals Supporting Oil Contracts with Iraq

Can you imagine if George W. Bush suggested this?

In light of the fact that four major oil companies have placed bids with Iraq to start refining oil; in an interview with Bill O’Reilly, Democratic Strategist-Veteran Bob Beckel said that we should draft a 100 year contract with Iraq since they now owe us.

Again – what would happen if Bush said that? 

In any case, he also stated that if indeed we got contracts with Iraq, that not even Obama would pull troops out of Iraq.

Of course this is an act of appeasment to the environmentalists that want us to refrain from drilling in ANWR. 

Great!  I actually think Beckel’s idea is pretty good.  Now, can we begin to get the Democrats to stick to issues they are good at like Global Warming hysteria and other things it will take Republicans 1,000 years to prove them wrong on?

Leave National Security to the Republicans.  Thanks!