Media Already Mischaracterizing the Plan for Withdrawal

Just a few hours later, the AP is now reporting that the withdrawal of troops may begin in June of next year. 

But what makes me chuckle is the opening statement of the article:

BAGHDAD – Iraq and the U.S. have reached preliminary agreement to withdraw American forces from Iraqi cities by next June, six years into the increasingly unpopular war

Uh, should that say “increasingly uncovered war?”

Next, it states:

The negotiations over a withdrawal timetable follow long insistence by President Bush that setting any schedule for U.S. troops to leave would be dangerous. The draft agreement with Iraq would link troop reductions to achievement of certain security milestones, although the details have not been made public.

What the hell does the media think is going to happen?  One day, we’re just going to send planes to gather them all up at once?  I do believe Bush stated – as was completely true – that setting a timetable BEFORE Iraq was on a clear path to success on its own, with their own military, would have been dangerous.

Amazingly, the media and liberals have lost concern for the troops and now have a new mission of their own: spend from now until November convincing Americans that this was a mission failed as opposed to a mission accomplished.