Proof that liberals are lazy

This post; written by an anti-war nut, uses faulty information to make Rosie’s case for her.  Indeed, Americans are terrorists everyone!  That’s the conclusion of this post and many of the commenters.

 On a day like today (Memorial Day), where anti-war Presidential Candidate John Edwards expects the anti-war Democrats of the country be out protesting the war, fine Democrats choose to stay in the comfortable surroundings of their home and write absurd things like this.

The least they can do is respect the wishes of Edwards. 

What these folks keep forgetting is that their own Democratic representatives in Congress keep voting against the anti-war movement.  They keep forgetting that foreign countries consistently are electing conservative governments. 

All they have on their side are the phony polls put forth to the American people.  You know the ones worded like:

“Do you 100% agree with Bush’s war policies?” (831 people polled and used as a “representation” of the entire country’s position on the war.)

When are we going to get a question like this one:

“Do you believe we should lose in Iraq and leave it under the control of al Queda and other terrorist organizations?”

I’d love to see the results to THAT poll.