Leave it to the AP to keep us divided….

Divided AP

I am fascinated now that the White House is backing away from the public option – particularly at two aspects here:

1.) Does anybody notice that ALL WEEK on any article written about the proposed public option, that the top of the page has been graced with Sarah Palin’s statement on the bill as a “fact check” that no ‘death panel’ exists in the bill?  Of course, Sarah Palin used quotations around the phrase to voice her concern over direct quotes read from Michelle Bachmann that came straight from Zeke Emanuel (Rahm’s brother).  Couple those exact words with the fact that extreme leftists and environmentalists argue pro-abortion as a means to population control and blame “carbon footprints” on too much human existence and consumption – AND that the public option would have eventually lead us to rationing health care OR raising taxes on the middle class, Sarah Palin made an extremely valid point.  For someone who everyone thinks has little power and is revered as a quitter, it’s amazing how thorough the AP is at reminding us that the term “death panel” never existed in the bill.  Thanks guys!

2.) The opening of this article begins: “Bowing to Republican pressure, President Barack Obama‘s administration signaled on Sunday it is ready to abandon the idea of giving Americans the option of government-run insurance as part of a new U.S. health care system.”

No, I am sorry but this is blatant partisan reporting.  The fact is, Republicans hold the minority in both the Senate and in the House.  Democrats have the majority and have the White House.  They could have passed it with no trouble whatsoever.

The turnaround is public opinion – the great wisdom of the American people – where Democrats, Independents, and Republicans all united to say “No!” 

The real story should be how one country made one crucial decision and fought together as one against something that they did not want.

But, here the writer credits Republicans and their “pressure” for the sudden turnaround.  If this were the case, the White House would have backed down weeks ago and even the AP knows it.

Obama won the support of independents because they thought he was going to govern as a centrist – as he promised during the campaign.

He has continued the surge in Iraq, and increased the surge in Afghanistan, Gitmo is actually still in place – and he used those “centrist” facts to try and quickly pass through some insane liberal-socialist fantasy.

He claimed he wanted to “keep them honest” with regard to free market insurance companies.

Unfortunately for him, he is one being kept honest – by the American people.  

Shame on the AP, but thank you President Obama for doing the right thing and listening to your voters.  No matter what side of the fence you are on, today is truly a day to be proud of our American democracy.