Why is the Press so STUPID!?

Okay, this is a bipartisan view of an idotic writer registered with the Associated Press.  The reporter’s name is Pat Milton.

Today; 45 minutes ago to be exact, he/she decided to report to the world that the JFK airport plot to cause MASS destruction was being further investigated and others overseas are being sought after because a “source” told them that the ones caught and detained were “just a piece of it.”

Here we have a plot that would have greatly surpassed the tragedy of 9/11 killing thousands and thousands of innocent Americans.

This is the part that makes my blood boil:

The official that delivered this information WAS NOT AUTHORIZED TO RELEASE IT TO ANYONE. 

DAMMIT – isn’t there a reason why?  Now the AP tells what government officials want kept secret to millions around the world INCLUDING the ones that the officials are allegedly looking for.

Freedom of the Press doesn’t keep us safe.  It is more important to keep this quiet and to keep Americans safe than it is to inform all of us at once against the wishes of government officials.

This reporter should be fired at once.