Where Are The Jobs? (Left vs. Right)

In response to a voter’s question in August of 2009, President Obama said:

Normally, you don’t raise taxes in a recession, which is why we haven’t and why we’ve instead cut taxes. So I guess what I’d say to Scott is – his economics are right. You don’t raise taxes in a recession. We haven’t raised taxes in a recession.

Oddly enough, conservatives are still shying away from indignant liberal cries: “Where are the jobs?” when they attempt to underscore the success of the Bush Tax Cuts including raising revenue to the Treasury 785B by 2007, adding 8 million jobs to the economy, and increasing the median household wealth by more than $20K.

But what about the Lamestream Media who constantly allows the White House and Democrats in Congress to escape their drunken spending spree which took place in the last three years including the failed stimulus and the ObamaCare travesty?  “Where are the jobs?”  Trillions of dollars of feckless spending, unemployment did go above 8%, and revenues to the treasury are at historic lows.  Yet, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are allowed to escape on their loose versions of a series of “what-ifs?”

Can you imagine what would have happened if we weren’t allowed to fecklessly spend trillions of dollars in historic amounts of time? If you thought unemployment was bad now, you wouldn’t believe what it would have been if we hadn’t printed billions of valueless paper and created a few temporary Census jobs!

Listening to the House today during the debt-ceiling debates made me ill.  After it being crystal clear, not only proven by President Bush but also by President Reagan, that tax cuts and deregulation creates millions of jobs, liberals are still allowed to deny the benefit of the doubt to tax cuts but get to hand it over no- questions-asked to excuse the most unbelievable spending ever in the history of our government.

This is common sense.  This is what we must continue to remember as our party heads into the 2012 battle for the White House and the Senate.

America is broke.  We need politicians who are going to respect Americans by being honest with them.  Clearly, the accounting tricks, gimmicks, and experiments of the left are not prepared to do that.

Michele and Sarah: The Woman Warriors of the Right

Re-posting an article of mine published on American Thinker, also featured in Conservatives4Palin.

With the debut of Stephen Bannon’s documentary in Iowa, the media cycle woke up energized Tuesday morning.  It seems CBS News managed to find two Republican Iowa women who believe it’s time for Sarah Palin to go away.

Of course, Sarah Palin’s approval in Iowa greatly outweighs her disapproval, but this type of narrative seems to be a stubborn roadblock for the Mainstream Media.

CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford said, “Palin has been so badly damaged by years of negative media coverage” after one of the Iowa voters declared, “I respect her a lot, and I really do like her, but I think it’s time for her to step back.”

The second comment came from a Waterloo resident who seems to portray Bachmann as a more serious candidate.  Her reasons include the fact that her children are raised while Palin’s are not.

With this “news,” CBS scores a double-win for liberalism.  They get to portray Republican women as anti-feminists while simultaneously using them to characterize Sarah Palin as a housewife on a mission to break the rules of motherhood.

Ironically, news stories like this directly confirm Crawford’s claim of press-perpetuated scrutiny.  But unfortunately for those in the media and the blueblood elite members of the Republican Party, this isn’t the first time Sarah Palin’s dealt with it.  This in and of itself is not good news for Michele Bachmann.

After the Congresswoman’s announcement in Iowa yesterday, Bachmann innocently and erroneously claimed John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa.  As a result of her gaffe, the media immediately pounced.

While Bachmann is relatively new to the national spotlight and the media’s dissection of every word uttered, Sarah Palin has undoubtedly proven it is something she can handle.  Since 2008, Sarah Palin has been scrutinized, vetted, quoted, and taken out of context more times than practically any other politician in history.

As a result, she has a steel spine in dealing with it which matches her handling of dismayed establishment-politicians beholden to special interests.

To be fair, it is difficult to point out the differences between the two without first acknowledging the similarities.

Without a doubt, Palin and Bachmann are political allies.  While Palin was campaigning with John McCain in 2008, Bachmann was on the House floor standing in opposition to the Wall Street bailout.  While Sarah Palin was out selling books and preparing to campaign for a myriad of candidates, Michele Bachmann was rallying strong as a member of Congress against the stimulus and ObamaCare.

Both women are of strong faith.  Both women are resourceful, attractive, young, and energetic.  Further, they separately and collectively graced stages and podiums in 2010 at Tea Party rallies to deliver great energy to the crowds, leading to the most historic victory for conservatism since WW2.

In all honesty, their convictions alone make them both more than qualified to take on President Obama, win, and lead this country to the greater days we’ve yet to discover.

Still, on the basis of objective evidence, the chips fall in favor of Sarah Palin.

First, no President since James Garfield in 1880 has gone directly from the House of Representatives to the White House (my apologies to Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul fans).

Despite varying political persuasions, Americans instinctively prefer executive experience found in former governors including Reagan, Clinton, G.W. Bush, and even Carter.

As a former governor, Palin vetoed $237M of wasteful spending under Alaska’s billion-dollar annual budget.  She proposed and often convinced the legislators on both sides of the aisle to reduce burdens on individuals and businesses by eliminating nuisance taxes and various bureaucratic road blocks to success like license fees and other unnecessary costs.

She achieved a record 88% approval rating by showcasing her independent streak of reaching across the aisle to Democrats in the legislative branch.  Doing this made sure that fellow Republicans were, too, held accountable.

While one can appreciate Michele Bachmann’s entrepreneurial experience as a job-creator, Palin’s similar experience is now combined with that of an executive of a state.  She knows how to utilize business experience for the greater good of job creators.

Further, as former head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC), Sarah Palin knows firsthand the complexities involved in dealing with often-stubborn oil giants.  Her experience can be utilized to explore tapping into our own resources benefiting our economy, creating jobs, and making us less dependent on foreign sources.

Finally, the aforementioned experience Palin has with handling the media is one characteristic which discourages Republicans from supporting her.  However, those same naysayers seem to be ignoring the lashing Bachmann took yesterday.

In addition to voting records, experience, and name-recognition, media-written narratives have become an expected, yet sad reality to our electoral process.  Since waiting around for the media to treat a good conservative candidate fairly is not likely to happen anytime soon, we have no choice but to accept it and fight back as we did in 2010.

That mission promises to be a lot easier with a candidate who has spent many years handling it than with one who is not even yet acclimated to it.  Be it media wisdom, executive experience, or vast knowledge on issues like energy, it is Sarah Palin whose time has come.

“Anonymous” Thatcher “Aide” Says Palin is “Nuts,” Claim Thatcher is Snubbing Palin

I am writing about this as I am certain this “aide” is going to regret their words.

Tonight, once again, Sarah Palin is sending the blogosphere into full swing.

An article published in The Guardian claims that Palin is planning a trip to Sudan in July and desired to pass through England on the way back with a hope to meet with Margaret Thatcher, a pioneer to worldwide conservative politics.

Alan Colmes immediately posted tonight on it stating the story as it was: ONE anonymous aide said something to a reporter.  The remainder of Thatcher’s staff who would go on record merely point out that her health is very dire and that the only meeting/event Thatcher is trying very hard to attend is the unveiling of a statue of Ronald Reagan on July 4th.

The best depiction is that of the LA Times which blatantly headlines: “Margaret Thatcher refuses to Meet with Sarah Palin” and begins with a photograph of Thatcher with CARTER and follows with an unflattering photo of Sarah Palin looking whacky.

The media is going off the deep end folks and before they scare fellow Republicans into writing off Palin, I certainly hope the remaining Republicans out there who have a little integrity about them remember they can do this to any candidate we pick.

If we give in to them and their blatant bias, they win.  I refuse to do so.

Taking the High Road With Anthony Weiner


I must admit, I felt a bit giddy when I saw a man I truly detested literally caught with his pants down.  I believe Anthony Weiner is a cocky man who in many ways does not represent the people he allegedly represents.

On the other hand, though I disagree with his positions to the largest degree imaginable and utterly dislike folks like him and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who spin and lie about important issues like Health Care and Medicare, I believe Weiner is a liberal who believes in his positions and exudes a lot of passion in fighting for them.

I am far from perfect.  So is Anthony Weiner.  So is Sarah Palin.  So is George Bush.  We can go on and on in the search for divine perfection.

Watching Hannity tonight, I found myself rolling my eyes at all these demands for Weiner to resign.  Are we really so perfect as a society that we cannot allow someone the opportunity of learning from a bad choice?  The first step to moving our Democracy back to a place where ideas alone are debated and tested on their merits is getting past these bizarre delusions that we can expect people to be perfect and divine.  It’s never going to happen.

As a proud Palinista, I’ve watched the media vet Sarah Palin up and down and from side to side.  She made a mistake in a bad interview with Katie Couric and her daughter made a bad choice by getting pregnant out of wedlock.  As a conservative, it was frustrating for me to watch an entire media explosion and the vile hatred from the left come at her in these petty ways completely overlooking her success as a public servant to perpetuate smear from everything having to do with her career as a politician, to her marriage, and even the birth of her son.

It is so easy to buy into the sensationalism of it all.  But folks, we’re at a new time in our nation’s history where lies and deceit from the White House are dictating the rest of our lives and our future.

  • We were told that everyone could keep their health care if they liked it, remember?  That was a lie.
  • We were promised that unemployment would not go above 8% if we allowed Obama to squander a trillion dollars.  The current unemployment rate proved, that was a lie!
  • We were promised health care negotiations would be held on CSPAN, that was a lie!
  • Union-leaders with Cadillac plans were given a pass after the nation was promised fair health care reform.  That was a lie!

We have a country destined for greatness on the basis of its founding but headed for failure on the basis of its current leadership.  We must stay on the issues and support the folks we know hold the right convictions and commonsense ideals to turn it all around.

I’d like for Anthony Weiner’s Congressional destiny to be left up to the voters.  In order for our country to remain free, I would hope Anthony Weiner learns from this stupid choice and continues to use the House to argue for positions he supports.

But the next time some liberal starts attacking someone like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann for the stupidest and most trivial reasons possible, we need to remind them of how easy it is to take the high road because on the basis of the issues alone, conservatives remain poised at taking this country back and improving the conditions that are affecting all of us.

At the end of the day, this too shall pass.

Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere Flub

During her visit to Paul Revere’s home on her One Nation bus tour, Sarah Palin made an honest and innocent slip when she explained that Paul Revere warned the “British” that they weren’t going to take our arms.  What factually happened was that he warned the patriots in Concord about the British whom he suspected was trying to steal them.

Of course I understood.  She was speaking extemporaneously to a drove of reporters who’ve been chasing her around like they do with celebrities.

Of course, her haters among liberal journalists have used the opportunity to condescend to her.  Anti-Palin bloggers are going crazy.

Of course they have amnesia with Obama’s various gaffes as well as Biden’s, nothing new there.

I wanted though to point out that because of one honest mistake, Palin accomplished what she had set out to do.  Because of her, we have an entire 24-hours news cycle of liberal journalists completely commemorating the memory and legacy of Paul Revere.

It was Sarah Palin’s hope of getting back to these principles and re-visiting our nation’s roots.  The Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and Revere’s home were among her stops.

Revere proved that independence and its accompanying freedoms were worth fighting for.  Now, even liberals are properly schooled on one very important piece of history.

It has to happen little-by-little.  But because we’ve strayed so far away from these time-tested principles, we now live in a world with things like Obamacare and a nation with more food stamp recipients than it ever had before.

Sarah Palin has gladly taken her predictable beating from the left to bring the story of Paul Revere to the forefront of the nation’s attention.  Only she could pull this off.

Good work, Sarah!

Supreme Court Backs Ashcroft!

I knew this was going to wind up happening and I also knew liberal heads would explode.  Now, tonight on CNN or MSNBC, I am sure we’ll hear that justice was not done because of Bush’s right-winged Supreme Court and the following will be completely ignored:

But even the justices who disagreed about the constitutional issue agreed that Ashcroft could not be personally sued for his role in al-Kidd’s arrest.


Taunting the Anti-Palin Opportunists, Steve Flesher’s Latest “American Thinker” Article

With all the noise made last week, the top “reviewed” Palin smear-books have flopped.  Read my latest American Thinker article:

Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting for NBC to Correct This (Mitchell Lies about Palin)


Sarah Palin is driving the left insane again.

Andrea Mitchell, yesterday, interviewed a member of the Rolling Thunder organization who had stated Sarah Palin was not invited to the event on Sunday.

Thanks to a conservative-blogger from Hot-Air who phoned the organization and spoke with Rolling-Thunder spokesperson, Christine Colborne, it turns out Palin WAS invited by the organization and had accepted the invitation too late for them to formally inform all of their members.

I will await Andrea Mitchell to correct her false and misleading segment and to apologize for sloppy journalism that doesn’t require conservative bloggers to take the steps she refused to take.

Why I Won’t Support Ron Paul

Ron Paul is at it again.  Blaming America for 9/11, making hot-headed remarks to those who dare disagree with him, and allows his over-inflated opinion of himself to continue ballooning nurtured by his undying supporters who have turned him into God since 2008. 

In 2008, I had respect for Ron Paul.  Even after his radical first-statement in the 2008 debates which blamed America for September 11th, Ron Paul knew he was un underdog and came across in a very humble way.  Since 2008, he’s become a little more pompous and intolerant of differing views.

In his latest interview with Chris Wallace, the hot-headed Congressman snickered when the Fox News host asked him why he thought it was “wrong” to go into Pakistan to kill Bin Laden without the Pakistani government’s knowledge.  At first he snickered and told Wallace he never said it was “wrong,” but then moved on to say what they “should have done.”  If you’re offering up advice to proclaim what some “should have done,” you are proclaiming that something was wrong.  Yet, Paul embarrassingly continued to deny the charge of what was obvious.  Why not just answer it?  Or better yet, why not just say that suggesting tipping off Pakistan before going in to kill Bin Laden was crazy as most sane Americans would agree?

After moving on to the topic of social security, Ron Paul began calling it welfare and begins suggesting that we abolish the program altogether.  Wallace challenged him reading Article One-Section Eight of the Constitution pointing out that Congress shall collect taxes for the general welfare of society.  Then Wallace went on to affirm that the Supreme Court upheld that it applied to social security in 1938.  In lieu of offering an explanation of difference which inspires Americans to explore, Ron Paul condescendingly snickered and wrote the Supreme Court decision off as a “liberal decision.”

Ron Paul should stick to his fan club territory, continue to criticize our elected officials, and enjoy his untouchable status anointed on him by his legions of followers.  He has been in Congress for decades and has not inspired yet one fellow member of Congress to do anything differently.  As President, he’d have even less influence on a Congress who is generally afraid to align themselves with the radicalized thinking of a sitting President when they are the ones up for re-election every two years.

The right direction for America is a renowned sense of appreciation for business, free markets combined with responsible citizenship.  We need a positive turnaround which approaches to undo years of a messy tax system in ways that won’t immediately abolish the IRS and take social security and medicare away from Americans who have been conditioned for 50+ years to rely on it.

As Thatcher found out with public healthcare in 1979-1990, once public funds are set up they are very hard to get rid of.  This is why we work with what we have while reforming the current tax code to provide for fairer rates, closing loopholes for large corporations and giant oil companies, and fighting proposed nightmares-in-progress like Obamacare before they take effect.

You know, all the same policies Sarah Palin advocates.  😉  Common sense.