How Kind of You, Mr. President!

Members of Congress and Obama have now moved toward denouncing the emphasis of opposition of this health care reform disaster and affirm their position by reminding us how much they are willing to contribute.

Obama today at a rally said he was happy that ‘people like him’ could pay a little more to make sure that 46 million Americans could have health care. 

It all sounds great now, doesn’t it?

What he isn’t able to avoid though is the fact that there aren’t many ‘people like him’ in the country.  He works for the United States Government!

What’s the difference between working for the United States Government and working for a private insurance company?  How about the fact that making a profit or loss affects CEOs at insurance companies (not to mention millions of middle-class employees) but DOES NOT affect Obama’s salary in the case of the Government?  We’ve seen all Presidents in the past rack up massive debt (Democrat and Republican) and they will still receive generous health care benefits and retirement packages – as will Obama.

Here’s my question: as the Government continues to put its hands further into the auto industry, mortgage industry, and now health care; and more and more CEOs and people making over $250K per year are phased out, how does Obama expect us to believe that the middle class will never have to pay more when less people are going to be there to pay that “little bit more” which he is willing to contribute?

My opinion is that he knows that’s impossible. After this plan is sold to the middle class under the guise of protecting them and we are all forced to a single-payer plan, he will get what he’s wanted all along.  The country will be in so deep that it will never matter once everyone realizes.

This is such an important fight.  I pray that the many articles popping up now denouncing average Americans and their concerns will not dissuade those same Americans from fighting harder in this next month.

Call your Congressman, write them, etc.  Let them know you are saying “No!”